March Twenty-fifth; Muddy Puddles

 The sky is not pretty this morning. I’m looking out the window while waiting on mom to call, and wondering what I will get done today. Will I continue with yard work, or go hike the mountain? ? In all thoughts of reasonable and responsible thinking, I need to finish the yard work. I want to know what else may be on the ground where I am about to put my feet. That and considering it looks as if it may begin raining at any moment.

While I am waiting for mom’s call, the more trusting of the trio of cats, is patiently awaiting breakfast. The more fluffy of the three was out there a few moments ago playing. It’s funny when you see a cat playing, but can’t see what they are playing with. It appears to be a bunch of random jumps and twirls. In today’s case it was what is left of a branch from a small bush I keep cutting down but won’t die.

Today’s word prompt is puddle. I’m wondering why I would choose such a word. But I did, so I guess I’ll see what I can do with the word and where the journey to try will take me.

Down memory lane.

As a youth, shoes during the summer months were meant only for church or going to town. Or while bike riding, unless you could remember to keep your toes away from the spokes in the wheels. Otherwise we were barefoot and happy. Which meant we were ready for puddle wading after a summer shower passed through. Its an odd, fun, feeling to have the mud from Carolina red clay squishing up between your toes.

But a puddle, was not merely an indent in the earth, temporarily filled with water. Oh no, puddles were oceans to be sailed, either with actual toy boats or boats made from imagination using leaves, sticks or what ever other material was handy. Trying to skip rocks in a puddle that ended up more like a toss and watch the ripples. Then of course there was riding bikes full speed directly down the center to see the water splash outward and upward against bare, sun warmed legs.

On the dirt road in which I live, part way down there is a very sharp curve. For years water has collected in that curve due to the way it banked. At times the water would be so expansive that I commented I would make a fortune if I operated a ferry to cross that lake. The worse part was people trying to avoid the lake, would drive across my brother’s yard. He had to drive up barriers to stop that as they were destroying his lawn.

Currently tough…

My front yard gently slopes down toward the house. My house as I’ve said before it not large, but is long. That means when we have a severe storm, the water flows directly toward the house, if it were not for the drain pipe that goes under the house we would have serious problems. As it is, because I have had no luck in getting grass to grow because of all the big Oak trees, the pipe tends to clog creating problems anyway.To try and combat those issues, I build a low brick wall to try and divert the water toward the drive and away from the house. If I don’t keep the route cleared of debris I end up with a shallow lake behind the blocks. Which if it rises enough, overflows and overwhelms the drain anyway.

But puddles, especially mud puddles, can be taken in yet another way.

I’ve often heard the expression, ‘don’t muddy the water’, which of course means  when you are adding something to a situation that makes it less clear.

How often have we dealt with that over the course of time? Especially in our recent history here in the U.S. It seems that every time we turn around, someone is tossing in more information to any given topic to deliberately make it confusing.

You have those who are earnestly seeking truth and information to clarify topics and events only to have others attack, ridicule and twist. You hear either the shouts of conspiracy, fake news, or words of fear mongering. Each day it becomes more difficult to comprehend what is going on around us and be comfortable in what we find. When there is a group of educated people who have researched and made sure to the best they are able that what they are presenting is accurate and true, to be attacked by others demanding they be silenced, we wonder.

 When we see groups set upon each other through the words and actions, sometimes exaggerated in the press, we wonder.

When even those who are supposed to be knowledgeable in events, lets use this pandemic, but who keep changing the information they are giving, we wonder. Masks work-masks don’t work- double mask. Stay home- stay six feet apart- stay three feet apart. Stay inside- outside is good for you-as long as you stay six, no three- feet apart. Wear a mask all the time, when you are alone in your car or at home. The vaccine will prevent the virus- the vaccine has X amount of prevention. Get the vaccine to be safe-but still stay away from people and wear the mask. The mask is good for you- the mask causing you to inhale germs that you would usually exhale and be rid of causing some to suffer from pneumonia.

 I won’t even go into the political side of the mud. I would be writing till the cows came home.

It is obvious that we end up with muddy waters so to allow things to happen that otherwise would not. Even though I’m sure there are times that it happens accidentally, with no ulterior motives.

Personally, I prefer the puddles that one can walk barefoot through and feel the Carolina clay between your toes. Or that video clip that makes its way around social media from time to time of the little girl who gets her dad to join her in playing in the muddy puddle. It has begun to rain here, if it rains enough, and the water collects, who would like to join me in a dance of the joy at simply being alive?

The power of one rain drop, creating ripples that continuously spread. Imagine the power one individual could have, good or bad.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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