Day 84; Footnotes of Working in the Rain

I still have so much waiting for me. I have a pretty big yard and I did absolutely nothing when Autumn arrived last year and the leaves fell. With the number of Oak trees I have around my house, that put a fairly deep layer of leaves on the ground. Now it is Spring and the temperatures are getting warmer. That means the snakes will be appearing once again. I need the leaves gone, so I can see what may be occupying the area where I plan on walking. But I’ve mentioned that before. I sat here today remembering just how sore I was from yesterday. That had me procrastinating. Finally I knew that the work wasn’t going to do itself so I got up, gathered my gear and headed outside.

 I began raking where I left off, dragging the leaf filled tarp down the hill and adding the leaves to the piles I started yesterday. I had been given some flowers that I needed to get planted. As I cleared away the leaves from the flower bed area I planned on how I wanted to set out the plants. After I had much of the area cleared, I prepared the flowers, placing them where I wanted them. I had so much, that I loaded some up on my tree squashed wagon and moved them around to the far side of the house.

 I did get interrupted at one point. Mom walked up and asked if I would take my dad up to my cousin’s house. She really didn’t want to go, actually, I think she really just wanted a few minutes break. I, good daughter that I am, agreed and gave him a ride. We sat up there for almost an hour. I spent most of the time listening, but did join in at one moment when they were discussing an old school building. That had my dad telling me that I must have graduated the same time my aunt did, um….no. Dad aged me over twenty years in less than twenty seconds. We spent nearly an hour visiting before dad decided he was ready to leave. Home again I prepared some coffee and made ready to go back to work.

 I drug load after load of leaves down the hill, increasing the pile there. I know that in time the mountain of leaves will break down and the soil beneath will be very rich. In the meantime, I drag leaves and create mountains.

 I also took what fire wood that was left over and moved it from where it had been staged to the pile of wood yet to be cut to size. As I moved the wood, emptying the pallets they had been stacked on, I would move the pallet over close to where the wood was now stacked. I tossed the smaller stuff that I could use in the fire pit over to one side. 

Once all that was moved, I returned to raking and dragging. My mind fully focused on what I was doing and attempting to not think of anything else. After many trips, I went back inside to get a drink of water. When I walked back out, I saw that it was beginning to rain. It was warm, it was barely raining. I was going to continue working.

 I managed to get that section of the  yard cleared and the flowers planted. Once I put the last plant in the ground, I called it a day and came inside. 

Then, the bottom fell out and within moments my yard was standing in water. Anywhere there was a dip in the ground, was full of water. I turned the television on to see we were under a tornado warning. Somewhere way off in the distance I could barely hear a rumble of thunder. Both dogs were immediately at the door crying. I let them in and checked the drain pipe which was fine at that moment.

Then I heard the weather prognosticator, say there was the potential for hail. My car was not fully inside the carport so I grabbed the key and went out to move it. Finally getting it under the shelter I ran back inside.

Minutes later I was wondering where I had left the hoe, oh, propped up against the -outside- of the fence. Back out into the rain, grab the hoe and back on the porch. Then attempting to hold an umbrella between my neck and shoulder I did the best I could with the hoe to make sure the drain and path were clear. Getting fully soaked in the mean time. 

Thirty minutes or so later, my son came in on his motorcycle, soaked to the bone. Literally dripping as he walked through the house. 

Now, hours later, I am listening to rain still falling outside. The dogs are calm, everyone, people and pets have been fed. We may still be facing storms through the night, but hopefully nothing serious. It was funny though, for that while as I stood out there working in the rain. Feeling the gentle rain falling on bare shoulders as I drug the tarp back and forth. Hearing the rain striking the leaves around me. If it had remained that soft, slight rain, I would have probably stayed out there and worked longer. The rain felt as if it were washing away the things that have been on my mind and soothing a bit of my soul.

Slightly soggy back yard.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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4 Responses to Day 84; Footnotes of Working in the Rain

  1. Irene Melgoza says:

    I know I miss a lot of your posts, but I try. I really do enjoy reading your daily musings.

  2. Mrs ESTJ says:

    I don’t envy you for the snakes but what an amazing space you have.

    • Thank you. Once I get it all cleaned up again I won’t worry too much about them The venomous ones prefer places to hide and with that gone, they stay away. The stray cats I’ve been feeding with help as well.

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