March Nineteenth; Considering Clean

 I’m sitting here enjoying my usual coffee and listening to the wind chimes hanging on my front porch. The breeze is playing a gentle tune this morning. The sky is again a deep grey overcast, giving the appearance of waiting until I attempt to go out. Then, to open up and dump the contents of the clouds upon us. My son absentmindedly left his car window open last night. He immediately regretted that this morning as it rained last night. I on the other hand regretted not covering the Jeep in the carport as from my son’s reaction and words, the cats must have had a dance party of sorts judging from all the tracks. I’ll clean them off later.

One thing about yesterday’s storm, the air seems much more clear this morning. I know though that not only did it bring a very long limb down from a tree beside my house, it also broke a pear tree behind my parent’s home. Mom said that tree had the most flowers on it that she’s seen in years. Now its broken.

It showed me too, that I need to get out there and clean my yard. I’ve put it off too long. I know that the plants growing in my back yard are coming up through the leaves, my concerns though are that I would not be able to see a Copperhead if it were out there. They blend in that well. I know due to how many times I almost stepped on one last year. That means that as soon as the yard dries out, I will be raking. I want the plants growing to continue. Its nice seeing my back yard becoming green rather than empty dirt. If only I could manage that in the front yard.

If the clouds lighten up or even dissipate, I need a walk. I need to get out in nature and clean out my mind of thoughts that want to sneak in and take up residence. Those thoughts that know they are unwanted, unwelcome, and wrong, that still slip in. The ones, that lie. Even when I don’t believe the words, they leave a series of dark thoughts and feelings. Getting outside, whether it is a hike on the mountain or in the woods behind the house, it clears those thoughts out.

Walking is akin to brushing away the cobwebs in the mind. The ones that clog the doorways and allow the dust of the negative to gather. The ones that hang in the windows, blocking the light and hiding the beauty of peace.

Dark, depressing, destructive thoughts have no place in our mind. Like the dust that collects on a table, it covers the truth and dulls the beauty. For we are all beautiful. We are all worthy. We are all important. Just because others may not see that, does not make it untrue. Just because others use the gifts that you offer without concern that there may be times you are in need, does not make you less. Do not allow their lack of understanding or care cause you to stop offering.

It is important that we never allow the dust to settle and make itself at home. It is important, that we often clear away the dust that makes us feel less. Clear the dust webs away from the windows and allow the light that is a good heart and compassionate soul to shine. See the light in your world, and continue to shine brightly. You-we-I am worthy.

 Until the clouds make way for the sun and a cheerier mood, I believe I will turn up the radio loud, find a station with old time rock and roll, the good stuff, and do some cleaning in the house. Giving me an excuse to dance silly and sing loudly. Not in my underwear though, one would not wish to frighten the cat after all. It is time to remove and clean away the incorrect thoughts as one would the dust bunnies under the bed and the mud tracked in from yesterday’s storm.

I also really ought to go and put the window up in my son’s car, just in case the clouds do decide to open up again. I think it was cleaned out enough last night.

Like ripples our thoughts spread outward, touching and taking over all it passes. It is the same with our thoughts.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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