March Eighteenth; Societal Changes Brought About

More rain. Its obvious that it has been raining a while because the food dishes for the feral cats were full of water. On the good side, I have only had to refill their water dish twice since I put it out on the steps. The weather alerts have changed, now they are saying the approaching storms could be less intense, or they could be more. That’s covering your bases there folks.

 For now though, I am alternating between doing my laundry, enjoying yet another cup of coffee and watching one of the feral cats sitting at the base of my back steps. I need to refill the bird feeder but I’m waiting to see what the storm does if anything. I don’t want to fill it only to have strong winds blow it off and spread the seeds. Then again, that could create a very diverse plant life in my back yard. That would be a change.

 I splurged and spent ten dollars on lights to put out back for when the weather finally turns warm and stays that way. I have to figure out the best way to hang them and turn them on and off. A pergola would be nice but that’s a bucket list item.  I’ll figure it out. Having some lights out there would be a nice change from sitting here and simply wondering what is walking across the yard in the dark. Deer? Racoon? Possum? Then again, if I’m sitting out back with a fire burning in the fire pit, the surrounding dark is peaceful. Its even funny when it sounds as if there are drunk deer floundering about in the woods. Change of moods.

 Everything is always changing. The only thing not changing, is that everything is changing.

The pandemic set off  a change that tilted everything we thought we knew. All or at least many, of the beliefs we held, have been altered. Things that we were told, only to have the words taken back or in the least altered within moments of having been spoken. We have had to stop and deeply consider our actions and beliefs. What we will accept as truth and what we will question. Life we knew it, has changed. Granted, it is a constant action, but usually in most aspects, more subtle. When this happened, we faced a tsunami of change that washed over the world leaving wreckage and destruction in its wake.

But we know this, we have lived through what was wrought upon us. How though, has it changed us? How are we different than we once were? Because we are different. Even though some of the difference has been long in the making, it has really been made known more recently.

 Many now readily believe without question what they are told. Researching for truth is a bother. We have become afraid….of everything and every one.

Everyone, no matter who you are, how you act or what you believe, are racist.

Words hurt feelings and cartoons are bad. Well certain cartoons anyway.

Believe the science. Yes, the science that created antibacterial products that have helped create super bugs.

As living, breathing, thinking humans, we are going to have differences. Differences in belief and thought processes. Differences in actions. Some will even be wrong, most unintentionally and done in ignorance. Once upon a time, we were strong enough to understand the term, suck it up buttercup, and move on. We won’t like everything. We won’t agree with everything. But when we create battles over silly things, the major, the things that are much in need of attention gets lumped into the same category and ignored.

Too much shouting creates confusion, confusion creates disinformation, disinformation creates discontent, discontent creates destruction. Destruction, brings on government control, which means loss of freedoms. Too simplistic? Conspiracy theories? Things offered for consideration.

We’ve taken a gun away from a cartoon character, cartoons that are rarely seen, but have you seen some of the video games produced? The ones with graphics so incredibly real now? Which is more dangerous? 

We’ve complained and stopped the sale of some Dr. Seuss books, yet have you heard the words of some of these rap songs?

A popular soft drink told its employees to ‘be less white’ how would that have gone over, had the instructions been for other nationalities? Why should we be less of who we are? Instead, can we not embrace the things that make us different and encourage everyone to be who they are? Can we not use those differences to make the changes needed for a better society? Diversity in all of its aspects is essential. A book is not a book without the words, spine, cover and pages. A house is not a house without all of the components, walls, floor, nails, shingles, wiring..Yes, we are different, but we are all special.

Doctors will tell you to get outside in the sunlight. Sunlight creates vitamin D in the body, vitamin D helps the body fight the virus. Yet, orders are being given for people to stay home and stay inside.

Changes. At what point do we stop the shouting? At what point do we stop and think? At what point do we rationalize? At what point, do we ascertain what changes are good? Which are really needed? Which will make the difference for the better? At what point, do we remember that we are not only capable of making our own decisions, it is our right?

One bee alone, can and does make change. But when the colony gets involved, greater changes are made.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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10 Responses to March Eighteenth; Societal Changes Brought About

  1. I like this: “Everything is always changing. The only thing not changing, is that everything is changing.”

  2. Re-Farmer says:

    Sooo many excellent points! You are so correct.

    I’ve noticed two things that have been increasing for years, but have become much more prevalent is the past year. There are none more intolerant than those who demand tolerance, and the one type of diversity that is not demanded, is diversity of thought.

    • Diversity of thought would potentially bring about the answers and solutions to the very things that are being used to frighten, divide and destroy freedom and send us into a situation we never dreamed possible.

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