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As I stroll through the offerings of the blog world, I repeatedly read work by many who say to ‘find your niche’. So I sat here and began considering what exactly my niche could be. First off, what the heck is a niche?

Okay, in reference to this particular subject, it would be definition 3, a distinct segment of the market.

Looking at my humble offerings I’m pondering if I even fit into a particular niche or not. Here is one of the more recent blogs that I read. Going by what is said here, I’m going to examine the suggestions and while not ridiculing or arguing the points made here in any way. I thought them important and well thought out. As well as good information to know when you spend time, energy and effort in your writing.

Health and Fitness 

I do talk about hiking a mountain no less, the effort that it takes to reach the top considering the way I prefer to go up has a three hundred plus stairway. The steps are set in irregular intervals and heights making it a monster to the leg muscles. Soon, I will be mentioning the workout one gets from yard work as I began the Spring clean up of my extensive yard. 

What I do not do is offer advice on how to be healthier. What exercise to get into the regular habit of doing, what supplements will be beneficial, what foods are best.


I do moan a bit over having been forced to retire early and how my finances have been effected for the worse. I do mention how I need to learn better budgeting. Or how I manage to wrangle extra help from my son. Or about the pennies from Heaven that show up from time to time.

But offer good solid advice on how to better handle one’s finances? What investments to make or stay far away from? The best banking or cards or dresser drawers to use? No


  Well let’s see. Over the winter I have mentioned my collection and variety of sweat shirts – all over sized of course. And jeans. I’m not sure at the moment which type of jeans are the correct type so that probably means I should hang my head in shame and walk away. Because the best advice I would care to offer anyone is please don’t wear pajama pants out in public. Of course I then, in passing see some of what so called celebrities wear out in public and pajama pants are more modest than most of that.

 Every once in a while I will purchase a magazine from the end of the check out line. While browsing through the fashion section I may see some really nice looking clothing, with even nicer prices.  Does that mean to be in fashion is must destroy your financial plans?


  I have not as of yet posted any recipes or photos of food that I have prepared. I don’t know that anything I prepare is anything that would attract the interest of readers as most of it is the simple fare. That financial thing mentioned above meaning my culinary wonders need to be modest. Not plain or unappetizing, just simple.

I do try to be healthy even if I don’t try to tell anyone what to eat. I will say that I have researched it though thanks to the cancer battle so I do understand how much better for one the natural stuff is.


About blogging and telling the blogger how to blog in their best blogging ability. Sorry.  I have read and do follow bloggers who offer advice on how to blog well and how to make money while blogging.

I’m not an instructor, I’m but a writer who enjoys bleeding words to the page in the hopes that someone will come along and desire to read. I know, that it is possible to give others the information they need to become better. I know that having someone share the minute details of the mechanics of blog writing is important. That it is essential that there are those who will light the lamp and lead the way. That’s not me. 

I can teach one how to fish. I can guide one along a woodland path. I cannot delve into the mind of another and direct them what is best for them. It is like choosing and naming a pet. You can do your research, you can ask others for advice, but in the end, the final choice, is up to you. The same with blogging. You can do your research, you can ask advice, but in the end, it is where your heart and mind lead you as to what you write.

Kally, who is the author of MiddleMe, has a wealth more of information readily available, just pop on over and pay her a visit.

This still leaves me wondering if what I write actually fits into a niche. Not one of the above obviously. I guess its time to pop down the rabbit hole and see if there are any other options.

Business and Marketing 

Just….no. I mind my own business and there is no market in that. Seriously though, I have no business or marketing sense. If I did then my self published books would have done much better. Instead of languishing out there in the virtual world waiting on some goodhearted, curious soul to order a copy. 

That also includes crafting. I’ve seen others create a nice extra income from their talents. Of course, having a talent in that area helps.

Technology and Gaming 

Since my son laughs and reminds me often that technology hates me, we’ll just skip over that one and move along.


Does going for groceries count? I do go to the state park and share those adventures. I’m hoping to seek out other areas once its warm enough and stays that way.  But as far as exotic places whether they are domestic or foreign, no.


I’m so far out of practice on drawing and painting the Hubble telescope couldn’t find that ability. I do however share photographs from time to time. While again, they aren’t of exotic places or animals, they are okay. I’ve seen some that others have been shared across various blogs and online sites that are incredible.


How does one define lifestyle? Whether you are city or country? Whether you are musician, foodie, actor? Maybe apartment, townhouse, mansion dweller? I live in a single family home, in a rural area surrounded by trees. But, maybe. I do share some of what I love about this place, especially listening to the crickets, night birds and bullfrog at night.

I guess if I tried, I could find plenty more choices of a niche in which to specialize.  I think the main thing is to simply do the very best you can as you go along. To work on improving with each post and to offer what someone will want to read. I don’t know what title or description fits what I write. What I am trying to do more than anything else, is offer a feel good moment. Offering something that once its been read, the one reading will move on with a smile and warmed heart. A bit of hope, a bit of trust, a bit of belief, a bit, of love. And maybe, just maybe, that doesn’t fit in a niche at all.

When considering your ‘niche’ and where you may fit, the sky is the limit..

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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