Day70; Footnotes of I Did What?

So yes, today made three days in a row that Bella and I hiked Crowder’s Mountain. My leg muscles may never forgive me, at least not for a while yet. At times today I was stopping because of my screaming leg muscles rather than the lack of oxygen in my lungs. I am managing to go further between stops, so there is that. 

When Bella and I first arrived at the park, she was much better behaved when she got out of the car. Not dragging me to every post to check for messages left by whatever critter was there before her. As we made our way across the parking lot I noticed one of the park rangers talking with a visitor and writing on a clipboard. I kept going but I figured what ever that was about, wasn’t good. I was right.

As we were beginning the hike I heard a dog behind us, turning I watched as a couple with a dog that was lab mix, approaching from a distance. This dog was a bit on the excited side and from what I could hear, not the friendliest with other dogs. I hoped to stay well ahead of them. Which is another reason my legs are unhappy, hurrying up a mountain is not really a good idea when you are as out of shape as I am. Thankfully Bella wasn’t insisting on visiting and marking every message along the way.

 As we hiked, we passed others who made it look easy. Of course some were going down, and most were a lot younger than I am, so there is that inspiration to do better. I’m not sure what the weather is supposed to be tomorrow but Lord willing, we will be back again. Between no longer working and Winter, I have been very lazy. I need to correct that. 

As we were going up the steps, I noticed someone coming down with a Great Pyrenees so Bella and I moved aside. That dog was big and really gorgeous (I wouldn’t want to feed it) but it was not friendly and immediately wanted to start growling at Bella who will not back down from a challenge. Thankfully I had a tight hold on her leash and firm control of her attention. Once the dog was past we again started up the steps.

I still think that who ever installed those things had a cruel streak, but there is no doubt they are good exercise. I have no intention though of trying to go down the things.

We didn’t stay long, got a drink, rested and headed down. Today wasn’t a good thinking day. Well, maybe it was in a sense. I used that hike down to mentally go through a lot of the things that have made me angry lately. I could think about them, ponder them, work through them and then set them aside. I haven’t solved everything but that will come. 

I did get word that some vehicles had been broken into in the parking lot. I could only hope that my Jeep would not also be broken into while we were up in the woods. Side note- it wasn’t. 

As we were walking down, we went by this group of folks who had two Yorkshire Terriers, who had big dog attitudes. Bella barely gave them a glance. A member of the group asked how much further to the top and I told them they were about half way. Around the next bend I came upon a couple with an older looking dog. I warned them about the small with big attitude dogs and they too asked how much further as it was their first time. I told them they were about half way.  In truth they were all closer to two thirds of the way but I won’t see any of them again so they can’t tell me what a bad judge of distance I am. True, which is why I don’t like going anywhere new alone. 

By the time we got home, Bella and I both were tired. I had just got sat down good when Molly outside went crazy and Bella jumped and ran outside. Mom was out there. She wanted me to come transplant two cactus for her. I listened to her talking for a while, told her I would be there soon and as she left, I came back inside. Knowing I’d better not sit too long, I went to transplant cactus. Only she didn’t have quite enough potting soil. Dad thought he had some, nope, he had fertilizer. I came back to the house and found some that I had left over from last year. Finally getting the cactus taken care of, I came back home.

 I then decided I needed to start on my yard. I hadn’t raked any since last fall. It was intentional but now I needed to get my yard clear so I would see if any reptiles decided to cross. I got some done, but not a lot. 

When my son came in I asked him to go under the house and see if he saw any of the cats. I had not seen a one today and they never came out to eat. He crawled under the house and saw one, figured the others were further back than he wanted to go. 

Moments later, a neighbor came up and told me she thought the mobile home I owned had been broken into. She told me about seeing a car go in the drive and then pull out oddly. My son and I walked down but couldn’t find anything that looked out of order. I called the person living there and let them know so they could double check behind us. Turns out he had heard that five cars were broken into at the park. I never leave anything of value in my car, I think I may start leaving he doors unlocked so no one will tear anything up.

Then, I figured I’d prepare hamburgers for supper.

Now I’m sitting here and I checked that fitness band on my wrist. 5.72 miles and 12974 steps. Gee, I wonder why I’m tired.The very fact that I was able to do all of that today, is a blessing. That the weather was amazing was wonderful. To be healthy enough to handle it, to be patient enough, to be able to sit here now, I’m tired, but content.

Some times, you feel as if you could almost touch the sky.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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