March Third; To Bloom Where You are Planted, When it is so Badly Needed

What an absolutely glorious morning it is outside my window. I do believe I hear a hike calling my name. It was suggested that I go without Bella because the last time I went, the near altercation between her and another dog played a large part in my slipping and sitting down very hard on wet rocks. But no, she is my ride or die partner so she goes when I go. She also gives me someone to talk to when no one else is interested.

 I think a lot of us have heard the expression, bloom where you are planted, but what does that mean? Down the rabbit hole I go, (I have my own private entrance now)

There is some very good information here.One thing about that rabbit hole, it can lead you in a million different directions if you aren’t careful. Standing at the info board and checking out the various floors and rooms was amazing. Not surprising but amazing at how many different ways this has been taken. I think right now though, I’m going to share a bit of how I have bloomed personally.

During my school years, the fact that I was ‘different’ made life difficult. When you don’t feel as if you fit in, you don’t.You may try a variety of methods to seek acceptance, but in the end, until you come to an acceptance of who you are inside, that will never happen. To some degree, that nonacceptance, is a good thing. I wonder how often people have sacrificed their true individuality to fit into that form called normal? How often to people set aside their own personality, to be accepted? Often, without even realizing that is exactly what they have done? 

When you fight so hard and so long, trying to find a balance, it is easy to become weary and give up. Having been blessed to be a part of a very close and humor oriented family, it has been a challenge to overcome the misconceptions and lack of understanding and acceptance in others. Actions that would have others looking at you in confusion and an almost fear as they wonder, what they are in the presence of and should they turn and run?
My own departed husband, may he rest in glory, even up until his death, had issues with some of my choices. I love hats, Mom says I take that after dad. It is not unusual for me to grab a hat on my way out the door. I lost count of how many times he would ask in a slight condescending tone, “You’re not going to wear that, are you?” Yep.

I will admit to many times of giving in and setting myself aside to placate him and bring peace. His death, though I miss him, has brought about a freedom long held captive. As one long out of school, freed from the restrictions of a romantic or working relationship, I have found myself beginning to bloom.

I will admit right up, its a slow process in some aspects. I have found levels of courage to get out and away from the house more, though I’m still working on the putting myself out there among the people I meet. 

I have found ways to feel better about myself, who I am and the strengths God has given me. 

I have found ways to express myself through a variety of methods. This being one.

More importantly, I have found a greater, stronger faith that is showing me all of the above. I have been a Believer since my youth, that never wavering, but it is all of the recent events, that have shown me the way to a stronger, deeper faith. One that helps me to grow, to reach out, to share my experiences in ways that are hopefully inviting.

Somewhat like walking into a garden and seeing everything there in full bloom, sharing the beauty to and uplifting heart, mind and spirit.I may never travel the world, or even far from this spot I call home, but I hope to bloom where I am planted, where ever that may be, and like flowers sending their seeds into the breeze, spread a little joy, hope, love and beauty. Especially now, in a time when it is so badly needed.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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4 Responses to March Third; To Bloom Where You are Planted, When it is so Badly Needed

  1. beautiful garden Rebecca!
    Thanks for your kind follow.. I am now following you as well!
    See you around! 💖🙏

    • Thank you. I’m loving finding so many people like yourself with so much talent and so much to share. Each and all blooming in their own way. Thank you for following my humble shares.

  2. Beautiful thoughts in the midst of a challenging time. Blooming contains so much hope💕

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