February Twenty-seventh; What’s to Like?

Here I sit once again. My house empty but for me and the cat that has gone into hiding now that she has been fed. In my state of retirement, I lose track of the days, they all seem so much the same. My son even laughing at me yesterday because I didn’t realize that it was Friday. The only day that sets itself out on a weekly basis is Sunday because of church. But even that falls into the mix when I don’t make myself get out and go, opting to watch online instead.

 I’m sitting here now, wondering, is this all there is? What is to like about this? Of course to be honest, it is not yet Spring and cold weather more often than not has me staying home. I am also still working on finding my level of courage in believing in myself and escaping this self imposed prison called my comfort zone. I like to believe I’m getting better, even among those who try to tell me to be less independent. While sitting here though, waiting on the arrival of Spring and its accompanying warmth, I pass some of the time here.

I really need to create my prompt listing for next month since it is closing in on us. Today’s word though is obviously like. So here are some of my, what’s to like thoughts..


 Sitting here scrolling through and reading the many blogs shared, I was amazed at the collection of talent I have found and continue to find just waiting. The variation in topics and thought processes are deeply inspiring. Those who dare to open up and share their struggles, I find to be a whole different level of courageous. Sharing their battles and showing others not only that they are not alone, but in many instances ways to overcome battles and defeat demons. 

Several of the blogs I have read over the course of the last few days have in various ways asked the question, do you like blogging and why? What draws you to blogging? 

There are many variants that draw me to this outlet.

It is a way to express thoughts, ideas, concepts, issues with like minded folks. Those who understand that words are a gateway between thoughts, and action. Where we can share our creative side with those who encourage through understanding that creating for us, is the same as breathing. Without it we wither away. 

Experiencing the gifts that others have shared, is an inspiration rarely found elsewhere if at all.It drives me to think, to research, to learn, to strive for understanding the many points of view and beliefs out there. It drives me to set goals and schedules for my writing.

The fact that others are finding my humble shares, does encourage me to do more, to try harder, to work toward a perfection that may be unattainable, but well worth attempting the reaching.

So what’s to like about blogging? Everything.

This Retirement Situation 

While it wasn’t my plan to retire early, that is exactly how it has worked out. I am sitting here without health insurance and the income from retirement is enough to survive on but lacking in play money. Yet, as long as needs are met, all is well.

So what’s to like? As I have stated prior to this, it allows me to be here for my parents. Should they need me, I am readily available most of the time. When mom needs someone to talk with, needs a ride somewhere-even though she can very well drive herself, or has a project for me, I am thankful and I like that I am able.

 I will be honest enough also to admit that I like the not having to set the alarm and get up at 4A.M. go out into the dark mornings and prepare for ten hour work days.

And of course, once Spring has fully and officially arrived I will once again be able to enjoy outdoor moments without restrictions of responsibilities. 

My Faith 

What’s to like? Everything. Knowing I am forgiven. Knowing I am loved. Knowing I am never alone. Knowing there is a comforting peace readily available. Knowing, that by being a true Follower of Jesus the Christ, it creates in me a better person.

So what’s to like about this life of mine and the current situation, even with the struggles we have been and are facing? Darn near everything.

Every morning bring an opportunity to find amazing things, every sunset an opportunity to reflect on the day and the things accomplished.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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2 Responses to February Twenty-seventh; What’s to Like?

  1. leendadll says:

    If not for blogging, I’d have lost my mind by now! I’ve made many great friends and even met about 20 of them. I met artists and now collect their works. I was thanked in novels by writers I knew before they were published. I’ve had a great time observing other lives.

    But, yeah… when I was semi-retired by illness, I thought every day was either Tues or Sat. No idea why those 2, there’s nothing significant to them.

  2. I have to admit one thing, with my blogging, I have no secrets.

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