February Twenty-sixth; Admitting Affection

There I was, peacefully sitting in my chair, enjoying my umpteenth cup of coffee and alternating between going through emails and gazing out the window at the once again grey sky. I had fed the feral cats. Only two of the grey and white came out to eat and the black one showed but there really wasn’t much left at that point.

I kept contemplating the direction I wanted to go with this write. Moments after speaking with mom, the dogs gave me the direction. Sitting here, listening to the birds outside, I heard a frightening sound. The sound of the gate opening. That clank of the latch falling after having been lifted. Jumping up I saw the gate slowly swinging closed and no dogs in sight.

I, still in pajamas and housecoat ran from the house and into the yard calling the dogs. I knew, they were after the cats and they were. Thankfully those cats are quick and my dogs not so much. Their size prohibiting them from going through the undergrowth the cats can easily fit through. While the dogs didn’t seem too be on a death mission, I wasn’t taking any chances. I had to get them back in the yard. I didn’t want them to hurt the cats and I didn’t want the cats in full self preservation mode to hurt the dogs.

 So there I was, trying to catch the dogs any way I could because their focus was on felines not me. I managed to grab Bella by the tail to keep her in place and then grabbed her collar. This is after having chased them around the side of the house and back and into the carport. Where I saw one of the grey and white trying to gain access to the rafters of the carport but without a way up since all that was in the other corner. But she did have places to crawl into for safety. 

Once I had control of Bella, Molly gave up and ran into the yard. By this time I’m standing there demanding answers from them as to what they thought they were doing. Both were giving me that pitiful, I’m sorry, I didn’t do it, look. 

Realizing that I couldn’t trust the latch to hold the gate closed I went in search of one of the bungee cords my son uses on his trailer. Taking one of the smaller cords I have wrapped it through and around and secured the gate. I’ll head out later to get a better latch. I need batteries for my computer mouse anyway. 

So yes, even as I have struggled not to, I have developed an affection; https://www.dictionary.com/browse/affection, a feeling of fondness, for these cats. Although I would rather find homes for them. Which would prove difficult at the moment because I believe at least two of them may be pregnant. I really need to find a cat rescue that handles feral cats.

 I believe, if we are honest, we all have a fondness for some one or some thing. We may not admit that, even to ourselves, but its there. People and things, be it places, animals, activities, have a way of slipping into our lives and latching on. Maybe not to the really deep levels, but enough that we would miss them if they were gone.

My parents, who don’t really care much for cats, were feeding one of the feral cats that had been around for years. Which is unusual for feral cats around here. This cat made itself at home, hung out on their porch and became as close to being a pet cat as possible. They fed it, talked to it, made sure it had a warm spot and they looked for it when it didn’t show up for meals. Then one day, it stopped showing up and no one could find it anywhere. Its been almost two months and they still talk about that cat that wasn’t theirs.

Affection is real.

The dictionary site has a listing of words that are related to affection. I like the word, kindness. I believe when we feel affection, it brings out a kindness, a gentleness from within us.We need more of that right now.

Maybe, we can consider affection, love lite. Once we develop that fondness for others, that seed planted, we can nourish it and help it to grow into a love for those around us. We don’t have to like all their actions, but love them as fellow humans who reside on this planet with us.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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