Day Fifty-two; Footnotes of Strange Happenings

  I haven’t slept well since my husband died. It can’t be due to sleeping alone because I did that most of the time when he was alive, thanks to his being a long haul truck driver and gone more than not. I’m guessing that there are many reasons. Everything from age, stress, fears to that cold pillow on the other side of the bed. The cold pillow that means I won’t be fighting over cover, I won’t have to ask for the television (that hasn’t been on in four years) to be turned off. I won’t be awakened by someone calling Bella (the dog) to get her back on the bed should she choose to sleep in the floor. Stuff like that.

Because of that, I have been taking one of those over the counter,night time sleep aids. It is the only way I will sleep through the night. It didn’t matter how tired I was, how well everything was being handled, how late I stayed up. I could fall asleep immediately, but I would be waking often through the night.

 I’ve listened to people describe dreams they had, but I very rarely remember my dreams. They would have to be something really odd for me to remember them when I awoke. Like the dream where aliens came to earth and took the form of trees. The only way to discover which were aliens were to take a special axe and cut a wedge from the tree. If it bled, it was an alien. There was more to it, but over the course of time I have forgotten the rest. But still, this was a dream from forty years ago. 

Early yesterday morning, I was dreaming. Only, in the dream, I knew I was dreaming. That, and I knew that this was a dream that I have had before. I was giving a running commentary on what should-and did, happen next in the dream. 

I had a discussion with a friend about the dream and they told me they had done that as well. They then began to describe to me their dream. I couldn’t get them to understand that for me, this was strange on different levels. One I was dreaming, two  it was a dream I had before, and three I knew I was dreaming. All fully out of character for me.

 It happened again this morning. It was a different dream, but I knew I was dreaming. When I discussed it with my son he immediately said, lucid dreams. I knew I had heard the term but had to do a search so to bring clarity. Very interesting article by the way. Especially the list of benefits. I’m actually hoping that this will bring a return to the creative streak that has been a bit on the weak side for a while. 

The article, in discussing how to have lucid dreams mentions supplements. I have been taking supplements for a while now. Mostly magnesium, zinc and calcium. Add in all of the vitamins, especially extra C and D, I’ve been taking Elderberry. Does any of that have anything to do with this sudden change in dreams? I honestly don’t know but I tend to have my doubts. So, its back down the rabbit hole and discover that vitamin B-6 helps make it easier to remember dreams. Do I dare jump to if we are better able to remember dreams, then we would be more prone to recall the lucid as well?

While down the rabbit hole though I discovered this;, more insightful sounds good.

It could be any number of things that have suddenly brought this on. Everything I read, indicated that lucid dreams was more apt to happen in younger people than I am. But I have only read a few articles so far. There is a great deal more information available about lucid dreams and dreaming in general. So whether its diet, the supplements, anxiety over the day to day, or any number of things that have brought this sudden onset of lucid dreams, I find it very interesting.

Just one more strange happening that brings about another learning adventure.

My sweet Bella

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A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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