February Twentieth; What’s to my taste?

 Well this morning sure is to my taste. The sun is bright, the sky is clear and my coffee is hot. I haven’t seen the feral cats yet, but I have heard them. Seems as if at least one of them woke on the cranky side. All that noise stirred up Molly and Bella, but everyone has since calmed down.

So of course there is this; https://www.dictionary.com/browse/taste with lots of definitions and descriptions. But the one I was after is; “to one’s taste, agreeable or pleasing to one”

Now I sit here considering, what is pleasing?

In food

I got into a discussion over eggs the other night. I had made a comment on having homemade soup and deviled egg sandwiches for supper. Which brought out the question from a friend, “What are deviled eggs?” Hard cooked/boiled eggs mixed with salt, pepper, mayo and sometimes pickle cubes. She said they called it egg salad but used mustard instead of mayo. Another commented that they didn’t care for the eggs, but would love some soup. Which of course lead to discussing what ingredients were used in potato salad. Its all in your taste preference. I prefer coffee, some prefer tea. I prefer iced, sweet tea, some prefer hot, with maybe a touch of honey or lemon. Which ever suits your preferred tastes. Part of which is caused by the region we are from. What we grow up consuming can and does make a difference. Part of it, is simply just what we like. What tickles our taste buds. Such as chocolate, can’t forget chocolate.

In clothing

 For those who do not follow current trends and believe in presenting who they are to the world through the way the dress. Whether it is through the unique or through tradition. If they dress freestyle and flowing to conservative, however they seek to feel and be who they are and how they wish the world to see them.
I have seen those who dress in a bohemian style and it suits them and their personality perfectly. It is to the taste of their personality and they would not be suited to the conservative dressed to impress look.

In careers

Does career fit here? I tend to believe so. Because if it is a deep seated determination that drives one to do a particular line of work, then to that degree, it is to their taste and preference.


 Tends to fit more because this is matter of taste and preference over requirements. We are required to have a career to survive, while hobbies are the thing that takes your mind off the stress of the required. It is to your taste what you choose. Hunting and fishing over reading. Hikes over gardening. Painting over sewing.  Which ever eases your mind and body the best.

Friends and relationships

Is it opposites attract or like draws like? I’m sure we could get into a discussion over that and how both ways either work or don’t. What matters, is that we find the people who fit our taste, or learn to find what is special-and there is almost always something special- in those who aren’t to our taste. Obviously those who lean to the intentionally mean and ugly side aren’t to everyone’s taste and you may have problems finding something special there. The thing there is, they may simply be someone hurting and if you see past the bluff and bluster you may find the special.

That said, if you are a hiker, another hiker would better understand your love of hiking. The same with any other activity you love. But, someone who doesn’t normally participate in the activities you prefer, if they join you could learn to love them as much and bring about a new perspective.

In living

 I obviously can’t speak of anyone else’s taste in living. It is as individual as our fingerprints. Who we are, what we prefer, all the above was just an generalized description. I can describe myself and my taste in life. My taste leans toward outdoor activities, but also creative. My taste runs toward dogs over cats but I will take care of the strays. My taste in people is eclectic, I try to find ways to get along with darn near any and everyone. My taste in a romantic partner would be one who would allow me to be me and not attempt to make changes in me, even as I evolve over time. I would be expected to do the same for them. More important, is my taste in living. Living a life of faith, of trust, of hope, of belief in the Lord and His promises to me.

Every new day is a promise delivered

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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