February Eighteenth; Considering Disposition

By now I guess many of us know that yesterday, Rush Limbaugh died. Social media from what I have seen, has exploded over his death. Most of what I have seen has been a celebration of his death. I also know of those who are respectively acknowledging his passing. Which shows yet again our divisions.  My husband listened to him a lot when he was out on the road in that truck. I didn’t listen to him as I was not a fan of his disposition and the way he shared his thoughts and beliefs.

https://www.dictionary.com/browse/disposition One of the definitions on the site is: the predominant or prevailing tendency of one’s spirits; natural mental and emotional outlook or mood; characteristic attitude.

Because of my lack of knowledge due to not listening to this person, my thoughts and comments would potentially be slanted in one direction, so I will leave Mr. Limbaugh and move on to a more generalization of disposition.

One of the few articles I read: https://www.scarymommy.com/rush-limbaugh-death-twitter/ has a line that has stuck with me. “Live your life so the entire world doesn’t celebrate when you die.” Our disposition can play a large part in how we are perceived. Our disposition shows the world who we are. Maybe, we can use this death and what has followed to examine our own life. To take an inventory of the individual we present to the world around us.

What is our attitude? Are we a positive or negative personality? Do we strive to encourage or discourage? Do we work toward getting along, or creating division? So many questions, do we have the answers? Can we be honest enough with ourselves in the answers? 

Are we the results of our upbringing? The results of our environment? The results of what we read or watch, what we put into our thoughts? If our upbringing has been one that is damaging to the mind and spirit, have we made efforts to bring about change?Who do we show the world? Do we show them we have a belief that we can make and be a difference? That we can, strive toward better and bring about a change for the better?

 What if our disposition leans toward insecurity and fear? Do we seek ways to understand the cause and work toward finding our strength and balance?

 In asking the questions, I believe that our strength or lack of, forms a large portion of our disposition. It doesn’t take a lot of strength to hide behind a mask, or some form of technology and spout off ugliness. It is not unusual to find the trolls following threads on the various sites and spouting their vitriol with every word. No matter the topic. 

Is that the way we wish the world to see and remember us? As one who created and fed darkness?  Do we really want the world to remember us as one who created division?

 Currently the United States, is not that united. That is and has been obvious for quite some time. Many of its citizens have been showing more of a disposition toward that division and not toward repairing the damage and bringing us back together. I have friends on the many sides of this as it isn’t merely a right or left, black or white, or any of the other myriad of other designations that are dividing us.

We ourselves are dividing us because we refuse to stop and pay attention not only to what is around us, but who we are individually. To the part of ourselves that allow us to be lead and or played by the people and events around us. Before we can work on being and creating a difference in the world around us, in the country around us, the county and town around us, we have to start with ourselves. We have to examine and be honest about the person we are. To not allow the weak parts of our disposition to become the parts that control our actions.

 My hope for myself, is that when my time comes to leave this life behind, I will be remembered as one who cared. One who sought the Light and who sought to be a difference in a world growing dark and cold. I want my words to be warm. My hands ready to reach out to give a hand up. My eyes ready to see those in need around me. My spirit ready and willing to offer hope in the storm. My actions offer kindness. My heart offer love. My words a candle offering a guiding light to those who are struggling on the journey of life before them.That my Christianity shows my love for, and the understanding of the love of my Lord for me. That is my hope, the disposition I desire to share and that I hope the world sees.

What about you? How do you see yourself and the disposition you show the world?

We know how we see the world, but do we care how the world sees us?

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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