Day Forty-three- Footnotes of a Weird, Annoying, Learning Day

There are those moments when I’m glad my son doesn’t listen to me. Today held one of those.

 If you read my prior post about doing it for love, you know I went and picked up my son from work last night. That meant, yep, I had to take him to work this morning. No staying in my retirement uniform (jammies) this morning. Which was fine. I had things to do today anyway.

I managed too get my son to work on time and head home. While I had by some miracle managed to hit all green lights going in, heading home I found all the red lights. That seemed fair, and I really should have taken it for a warning of things to come.

I talked with mom at our usual time, and she asked about my son since she didn’t hear his car leave. Trust me, everyone hears that modified dodge leave. I explained why she didn’t and then we went on to more important things like how she and dad were doing after that second vaccine. Thankfully they are doing fine so far. I’ll be honest, I still think it was a rushed vaccine, but also praying it works as promised. They need that bit of assurance that we are going in the right direction.

Fedex showed up at my house which surprised me. I hadn’t ordered anything and I didn’t recall my son having ordered anything. Turns out it was my new Discover Card. I had not used my card in four years and they were going to close out my account if I didn’t use it before April something or other. When I found the card, it was expired. So I called to order the new one. When I had opened to package and saw it was my new card, It was then I recalled barely hearing her say something about Fedex.

I went to activate the card and when they asked for the last four numbers of my social, my mind went to some unknown place and made up some weird number. Wait..what?? How do I correct that since I’m talking with a machine. Finally after several failed attempts the computer asked me what I wanted to do giving me three options, one of which was start over. yeah, lets do that.  Finally getting it activated I was ready to go out into the world.

Then the fun stuff started. I……had errands to run.

I got ready, I got the dogs inside-because I have no idea what might pass by and don’t want them fighting each other-and I headed out to go to the bank. I get in the car and push the button, only to have it tell me, no fob found. That….was… not good. that meant I had just locked myself out of the house.

Okay, no problem. mom has a key. I walk down to mom’s and knock on the door. Dad lets me in and I tell him I need to borrow their key to my house. (mom had went to lay down for a bit) He wasn’t sure which one it was but I went to where I knew mom kept all the keys. A butter dish in the cabinet. Seriously, those things are perfect for everything right? All but the key to my house. I tried several, but none of them were the right one. I take those back and thankfully mom was up. (Mom gets up at 4am, so a nap at 11am wasn’t a big deal)

Mom starts searching for the keys and can’t find them. She knew that we had brought them back from the last time that my son had needed them but had no idea where they were. Leaving her to search I walked back up to the house. I could wait on her to keep searching and maybe find the keys. I could call my son and see when he was coming home for lunch, or I could see if he had locked the window like I had asked from the last time he ran a drop cord through.

He hadn’t locked the window. So, I decided I was going to climb through the window. I really hope there is no video of that. Not only was it awkward trying to climb through to begin with, the window kept sliding closed. I finally got inside, closed and locked the window and reassured the dogs who were watching and laughing at me. The cat was unhappy because she had to move so I could get inside.

 I get my keys and head out on my way. I really should have taken that as a warning. I finally get to the bank and decided that since all I had to do was make a deposit, I’d pull around to the drive through. The car I pulled up behind wasn’t even all the way up to the window. Finally they pull up and start their transaction. I could have taken a nap, wrote a sequel to War and Peace or solved world hunger by the time they finally pulled away. Making my deposit I head out and on to my next stop.

 Recently the Jeep group that I am a member of did a jeep parade that was to show support for the police and raise money for a memorial for an officer who died in line of duty. Another member, created mugs as a souvenir for the event and as a way to raise more money. I had ordered one and needed to go pick it up.

Leaving the bank I decided I’d go a different way than I usually do. One of those stretching out and broadening my horizons type thing. Everything was fine right up until I reached a point where they are building something and needed to block a section of the roadway. I needed to change lanes. Something I had been considering for a ways, but hadn’t done. I had however been checking and there had been nothing in the other lane, until I went to change and suddenly there was a ginormous SUV that shot past as if from a cannon. So close that I swore took it off a layer of paint from my car. Yeah, that close.

 Still, I managed to get where I was going and pick up the mug. As I was pulling in I heard my phone ringing, but it didn’t come through the blue tooth thing in the car. When I parked I saw it was mom so I called her back, she had found her keys. Talking briefly with her, I finally was able to go inside for that mug. They really did a great job with it.

Now, I needed to get to the big box store for groceries. Getting back in the car I’m trying to figure out why it was no longer synced with the phone. Not wanting to sit there I pulled out and headed for the traffic light. As I sat there I noticed that suddenly, my phone was synced again. Okay.

I’m thinking by now, considering where I was going,I could have almost stayed in my pajamas, but my grandmother would probably come back to haunt me if I tried that.

 Parking I head into the store. I get my shopping buggy and begin the quest for sustenance. I had two things going against me. First where I was and second it is mere days before Valentine’s Day. Which was obvious with all the folks carrying candy, flowers and stuffed critters.

 As I found all the groceries I needed, I also looked for a couple of things to purchase with that card. A long sleeved tee marked down, a new purse since the one I have is a couple years old and another sweatshirt because one simply can’t have too many sweatshirts when you are allergic to cold.

Once I had everything, I went to check out. Remember that just before Valentine’s Day crowd? Everyone apparently wanted to check out at the same time. Three or four registers open and lines half way back the store. I get in a line that wasn’t too terribly long and immediately thought I may have made a mistake. The couple in front of me had two buggies piled high. Literally over the top, across the bottom, filled to the point they could not have gotten anything else in there. And I was behind them. And the lady doing the ringing up. loved to talk. At one point giving them directions to some place. By the time it came my turn, that frozen pizza was pretty well thawed. 

Finally I was checking out. When she went to ring up the items I was charging, that new purse was also marked down. Go me. So maybe I’m good for another four years now. 

I get home. I get my groceries inside and put away. The dogs are back outside and I couldn’t get coffee ready fast enough. I had no desire to go anywhere else. 

Then my son called and needed a favor. Which of course I did, because that’s what mom’s do.

 Right now, I’m sitting here, recounting the weird, annoying and learning day, and realizing that I took everything today with a calm, rational, pound of patience. I broke out of my usual and did it calmly yet with a tad bit of excitement. I accomplished everything needed. I stood in line for this really extended length of time, and remained calm, cool, collected and without frustration. So even with all that craziness, I learned that I can handle that without getting stressed.

And it ended up being, just as that second shirt said, Best     day   ever.

Across the bottom, not shown is the date and reminder Thin Blue Line run.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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2 Responses to Day Forty-three- Footnotes of a Weird, Annoying, Learning Day

  1. Some days are truly strange and you have to wonder if there are hidden messages there! Could things have been differently? Do I have too much on my mind? Do I need holiday?

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