Day Forty-two..I did it for Love

I won’t lie, I absolutely, positively, without a shred of doubt, hate to drive at night. I don’t like the limited sight and those headlights of oncoming vehicles that I’m sure can be seen from the International Space Station don’t help. I had one coming at me the other night that was so bright all I could see was white. It didn’t help that it was high beams that they decided to wait until they were even with my car to dim. I guess it dawned on them the lights might just be a problem when I had come to an almost complete stop. I’m glad I was on a back country road with no one behind me. 

Add rain to that and its a definite, not going out in that. And rain is what we have had all day. Nope, ain’t happening, I’m fine right here. I had supper simmering on the stove. I had my coffee and I was warm, dry and content. Let it rain, let it rain.

Then the phone rings and its my son wondering if I would come and pick him up from work. He needed to make an adjustment of some sort to his taillights and he didn’t get a chance to do that today. He really didn’t want to chance driving in the rain with the possibility of having issues with the lights.

So, what’s a mom to do? I bring the dogs inside, grab a jacket and my purse and off I go into the dark, rainy night. It was a nightmare from the start.

The windshield wanted to fog up but I got the defroster on before it managed. There are stretches of roadway where the fog line has faded or completely disappeared.  There isn’t any street lights on country roads so I was trying to drive at a safe speed. Thankfully the oncoming traffic didn’t have those as seen from space headlights.

 When I finally pulled into the first small town, I had heavy rain, oncoming lights, areas where the water had formed small ponds, and the reflections of any and all lights made driving difficult. Top speed through there is thirty-five so to drive under that in those conditions wasn’t a big problem.

My thoughts and concerns were on what was coming up and I was doing quick mental calculations on the best route. I chose the less direct route. It got me away from a more heavily traveled, stretch that had several traffic lights and into a stretch where I knew I would be better able to see with less pressure to hurry.

Back out on the main road I drove toward where my son worked. I wanted to drive just past the place and turn up and side road. That was the plan, but I messed that up by driving right by the road. Thankfully there is a restaurant that I was able to pull into and through their parking to an access to the road I missed. Pulling up behind where my son worked I stopped the car and made to call him.

Reaching for the phone I didn’t see what was coming. All of a sudden someone was slamming their hands against my driver’s side window and hollering. With nerves stretched about as tight as possible, frustrations and near fear leaving me close to shaking that wasn’t a good prank to pull. I’m surprised my scream didn’t set off alarms somewhere or shatter my windshield.

My son thought it hilarious. I almost made him walk home in the rain and dark. Instead I moved around the car and let him drive home. It was so bad in places even he was more cautious than usual. I was very glad to finally reach our dirt road and see my porch lights welcoming us back.

 Now here I sit, a couple of hours later, calmed down and more relaxed. We’ve eaten, the dogs have eaten, and are inside. Outside the rain still falls and ever so often I can hear the chimes playing on the front porch. We watched one of two races from Daytona but since the second has been delayed due to rain he has wandered off to talk to someone on the phone.

 I did tell him on the way home, that if he finds himself in a situation like this again he needs to talk to the foreman or whatever he’s called and see about driving home a loner or trade in that needs to be checked in.

But, if he can’t and he needs me, I’ll be right there. Just as my folks always were and are for me. Its the core of our family belief, I think its in a bylaw somewhere, you take care of family. What I did tonight, I’d do it again if need be, because I did it for love.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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