Day Thirty-six; Footnotes of anticipation or disappointment

The end of the day. Bella is stretched out beside my desk, Molly hasn’t come inside yet. Some weird program is on television while the space heater hums behind me. My son has long ago eaten and my kitchen still awaits my attention. While what remains of my coffee cools, I am contemplating what the weather forecaster said earlier. Maybe, maybe not. Again.

 Living here, in this area of North Carolina, USA, we rarely see snow, especially enough to cover the ground and stay around for a while. Further to the west, up in the mountains is a totally different story, but I’m not in the mountains.

Any time the S(now) word is mentioned, folks go a little, okay a lot, crazy around here. But, is it coming? Out of curiosity, I turned on the news this evening. Just to hear the weather report. The verdict, maybe. We may be something late Saturday night, early Sunday morning. Maybe a few flakes of snow, maybe some sleet, most probably rain.

 For those who always see at least some snow during winter months, its obviously no big deal. It is here.

At the first warning, it is mandatory that everyone rush the store for the required loaves of bread, gallons of milk (whether you drink milk or not) and now of course toilet paper. Anything else is optional.

At first warning, everyone must rush out and purchase a sled. Even if you don’t leave anywhere near or have access to a hill.

At first warning, you must prepare for the worst by finding every coat, gloves, boots and warm blankets to wrap up in should the power go out. Which means finding flash lights, candles, lanterns, anything to provide light. Collect lots and lots of water. never mind there might be a grand total of three flakes of snow on the ground.

At first warning, you have to call everyone you know and ask if they heard the forecast.

At first warning, you gather all of the ingredients for snow cream, whether you actually like it or not.

At first warning, you have to make sure all vehicles are fueled up with antifreeze in good shape.

At first warning, you spend every moment possible peering outside and up into the sky waiting and watching, ever alert.

At first warning, if you love photographing snow, you make sure the cameras are ready.

When I worked it made me crazy when they called for snow. I really, really hate driving in snow. I can do it, I do know how. But I’m cautious and watch what is going on around me. Others, not so much. The last time I was driving in snow, I was actually driving the speed limit when a vehicle behind me decided it wanted ahead of me and sped around, not caring that it nearly hit another car head on.

I always had this deep dread, simply thinking about driving in snow. I did however love getting out in the woods behind the house and taking photos. 

Now, since I no longer work, I don’t have to drive in snow if I don’t want. I can also get out in the woods, and hike all I wish and can stand to get photos. If it isn’t too bad, and if my son is home, I might even ask him to drive me to other safe areas to take some photos.

Other wise, its here at home, next to the wood stove, with my coffee, the radio playing softly and the next book on my reading list.

If it doesn’t snow, well, that’s okay as well. That wood stove, coffee and book is still a good idea.

Up until the weather warms again and I can get outside. My disappointment, is mainly that it isn’t Spring yet. This girl is getting a bit of cabin fever.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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