Comparing One With the Other, the Similarities and Differences

In a recent conversation about truth and lies, a comment was made that set me to thinking.

I have a good friend who is on a quest for truth. We have heard many discussions on politics and how corrupt it has become. In the process of their quest to find truth, someone mentioned a web site that was a “must see”. The video there, had them now questioning the end of times and how God would handle that. If what the person in that video said is true, why bother? Because of his questions, this write was inspired.

I don’t have all the answers. No one does. Many people have been given bits and pieces of information that is used to guide us along the way. To prepare us for what is to come. Whether it is secular or spiritual. Does that sound familiar?

Human life, has been and continues to be the battle and the prize.  It doesn’t matter if it is fought through the secular or spiritual.

You have been working to do your part to save the country and in extension, the world, from the perceived horrors that those who are claiming victory could unleash. You are seeking the truth as to if we were lied to all along. You are seeking the information as to just how far back the lies may go. You are seeking truth, and proof of that truth, of all the any pieces of information that have been uncovered. You are among those who have worked harder than most in that battle. You have sought, dug through, listened to and disseminated the information that you have found. Just like that archeologist digging through the dirt to discover past history and treasures. You have dug through garbage of lies to find  truth. You have been and continue to be that Patriot Warrior fighting in the ways and means you have, to do what you believe right. Election wise.

Let’s stay relatively current. People have been slowly and methodically fed the lies and misinformation for so long, many have become blind, deaf, and mute over what is going on around them. They wander about oblivious to the dangers, helping to create the hell to come, all while thinking they are doing right. I am not talking here solely about the recent election and the turmoil has has gone on since. I am thinking of everything that has slowly degraded and derailed the moral code of this country.

 While it is true, there is nothing new under the sun, that does not make it acceptable. My opinion, and I know I do not stand alone, abortion is not birth control, it is murder. There are too many other ways to prevent rather than end and unwanted pregnancy. (Leaving incest, rape and health issues for the mother aside) Yet many have been convinced that it is perfectly fine and normal. 

People over time, have been offered the free stuff. Offered and given until they have grown dependent on said free stuff.

You and others of like mind are working incredibly hard to wake people up so they become aware of the danger. It is a thankless job. Many cannot, will not believe what you are finding. Some will, some may consider and then fall either to one of the other side. Yet, you must and you do keep searching for truth which would equal freedom.

 So, let’s change that from worldly to spiritual.

 From the very beginning of time, satan has worked to take God’s place. He was ejected from Heaven along with angels who stood with him for his attempt at taking over.  He has worked through the entire timeline of life to change the minds and hearts of humanity to follow him. With promises and lies and offers of free stuff. And yes, many black hearts have carried great wealth and treasures, but in the end, it has and will do them no good. They do not see nor accept that.

 There is where the Spiritual Warriors come in. Those who are doing spiritually what you are doing earthly. They seek, they dig, they disseminate. They know that God wants all, yes ALL, to be saved.

But, just like the earthly, political side thing, sadly that isn’t going to happen.

You said yourself, that the White House looks like a prison. You and others of like mind would like to see ALL of those who have committed treason to be held accountable and justifiably punished for their crimes. All of those who have worked so hard, with such evil intent to be sent to the firing squad for their crimes. We have discussed how it is believed that most if not all of those who have been a part of this has been uncovered and are now a part of the game going on around us as we await the final outcome. Is it true? Is it fantasy? Is it just one more conspiracy theory?  Earthly.

That too, can be compared to the spiritual. God, being sovereign and all knowing, how could we not believe he knows everything and has control of everything? I listened to a teacher once answer the question, “Why do you think that Jesus has not returned yet?” The response? Because He is patiently waiting for all those who will, to come to Him. He is giving everyone possible the chance to come.

I know of someone who was very ill, to the point of death. The family had been called in. Only this person rallied and recovered to the point of being able to go home. When the person had been ill, they had been talking with the preacher from a relative’s church. When they returned home, the conversation continued to the point the person was saved and gave their life to the Lord. A week later, their health too a bad turn and they died. They had been given that week, that opportunity to get right and they did.

There are so many thoughts, and concepts and theories being told. I don’t know everything or even much of what there is to know about light workers and quantum fields and matrix. I don’t know if we are all in some sim city type game where we are being maneuvered and played.

In my heart, I believe there is a just and loving God, who wants us all to come to Him. To have faith, trust and hope in Him. He sends His people out with His truth, telling them to share that hope and love, to tell them where their peace waits.

In the Bible, prophets were given only what they needed to know, to share with those they were sent to tell. Bits and pieces along the way. Would the entire truth, told at one time, have been too much to comprehend and accept? Jesus walked with and taught His disciples for three years, sharing information in part of what was going to happen. So that when it did, they could put it all together and understand.

 Here and now, you and those of like mind and drive, are seeking truth. What ever that truth may turn out to be in the end. You, have said that if you find that you have been mislead yourself, you would be the first to admit that. Until then you will continue to search. Hopefully soon, we will find out the answer as to who, what, and where is the truth.

As for the end of time. We don’t know, no one knows, no matter what clues they claim to find, what supposed secret codes they decipher, what math equation they work out, no one knows when the end will be. All we who are Believers can do is seek the truth, and share the hope and love. Understanding, that even that to some, sounds crazy and unbelievable.

The video you watched, had you saying that if what that person was presenting was true, that made it difficult for you to believe in a just and loving God. That what was said there, made it sound as if God was poised ready to slam down the hammer on humanity without a second thought. But no,

God is not the one standing there with a gun to our heart and head, demanding. He is standing there with open arms welcoming. It is mankind who stand there, with the gun, suicidal because earthly ways they can see, are more desirable than heavenly ones promised. But you, yourself have quoted this verse; 2 Chronicles 7: 14  If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

We are given choices and chances, more than we may ever believe or understand. We do though, need to do as you and others are doing. Take the time, extend the effort, seek the truth and share.

Seeking truth is an uphill battle that is never easy. But so necessary to see the beauty it offers.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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2 Responses to Comparing One With the Other, the Similarities and Differences

  1. The ending line is just amazing. The journey for the truth of life is certainly one which offers pain in mysterious ways. You’re right. It does offer an enormous illumination as well.
    Really well written

  2. Thank you. I’m glad that you were able to find something that spoke to you. The original conversation helped the one I was talking with, so I thought maybe it would do the same for someone else. Again, thank you for your visit and kind comments.

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