Taking my folks for the Vaccine. Process, amazing

I just returned from taking my parents to get the Covid Vaccine. Admittedly I am still concerned over this thing, but not so much that I refused to be chauffeur. Their doctor said do it, and so they did. Along with many others.

When their personal physician told them they needed to get the vaccine, mom asked if I would go online and make an appointment for them. She had tried to get it over the phone but had no luck what so ever. Reluctantly, I went to the online site and started the process.  I was reluctant then because it seemed the vaccine was created so quickly. Then I read articles about it and some of the concerns were eased.

There is one day a week that the first shot is being given. It is divided up into one hour segments. The first that had spots available was from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30p.m. I of course had to sign up one person at a time. I got dad in first and then mom. Then, we had to wait to see if I managed to get them both signed up.

 They do not have internet service, so I gave their home number but my email on the sign up. Mom asked me at least twice a day if I had gotten anything saying they were scheduled. When that notice finally came I was glad. She could now mark that on her calendar and be ready.

 Early this week I received an email that had forms attached that could be printed and filled out prior to going. If they were unable to be printed the forms could be filled out on site.

My printer is iffy at best. Its old, its tired. I swear if this thing had a mind of its own I would say it was deliberately creating paper jams so I’d let it alone and let it rest. As it was, I managed to get it to print out all of the pages. They weren’t all the most clear, but they were legible. Maybe because I have adapted to its hit or miss printing. I took those down to mom and on Thursday before their appointment today, I helped her read the faint, smudged print and get everything filled out. I thought.

Today, was THE day. Today was vaccination day. Did I say I’m still a little concerned over all of this? But, I have put all trust in the Lord above and I drove next door to pick up mom and dad and head out.

Their appointment was for 11:30, we left at ten minutes before eleven. I knew it would not take too long to get where we were going but better early than late. Maybe we wouldn’t be too terribly far back in line. I didn’t hurry going to the location of the vaccinations. I didn’t want to scare or sling mom and dad around in the car.

When we got close, there was a big sign up informing everyone that right lane was for the shots only. Appointment only. I was in the proper lane and just pulled into place in line. When you got close, they had people checking to make sure of appointments. Then told us to pull ahead and the next person would take care of us.

The next person checked the paper work carefully and sent us ahead. A third asked about the paperwork and seeing it all done,  tagged my windshield that the paperwork had been gone over.So I wouldn’t be asked yet again. They also made sure that both mom and dad were getting the shot and not me. That everything was filled out and signed. Ooops, we had missed one spot to initial. The lady who caught it allowed mom to borrow a pen telling her to just give it to the next person we spoke with. I think she ended up just handing it out the window to the first person in healthcare gear that passed close enough to the car. 

Finally pointed toward the lane I needed to be in we made our way around and up to the building. I’m not sure what I had envisioned when I was told it was being held at the Farmer’s Market, but I had it wrong. They had three or four lanes going through the building from right to left and not the long way through. I’m glad I wasn’t in charge there. But I’m sure by now they have all this to an art form.

When we pulled into the building I had already got the windows down and made sure they knew both of my parents were getting the shot. They asked dad if he knew why he was there. Dad doesn’t hear you unless he wants to hear, so it took asking a couple of times but he finally answered. The first response was to ask the lady with the needle why she wanted to know. Since he was sitting beside me I answered, ‘They need to know, that you know and understand what is going on.” That satisfied him, he told her he was there to get stuck. She still needed more clarification that he fully understood. Finally he gave her a satisfactory answer, and we moved forward.

After they both got their shots we pulled around and into the line to wait the required fifteen minutes. I’m not really sure about the time keeping skills of the person who put the paper on my dash, hopefully they are not in charge of anything vital. 

Pulling around and into place we waited. Stop, pull up, stop, wait, pull up, until we were the second in line. The big suv I was behind had been the same one that had been in front of us in the building. I knew when they were ready, so were we. As they were given the go ahead to leave, I pulled up.

The guy gave a quick glance at the paper, looked in the car and asked how everyone was, if there was any side effects showing. Since they were both fine, we were told we could leave. Just watch the cars on either side. If it wasn’t for the fact that there were so many cars there, not knowing who else had been given the all clear, I accepted the warning as just a friendly reminder.

 Leaving I had to go to the right, up to the first intersection and turn around to head home. I pulled in their drive just over an hour after we had left.

I was actually somewhat amazed and very thrilled that it had gone so easily and professionally.The people handling that set up, from entering to the point of leaving are better than any machine, because they had respect, compassion, understanding and patience. In my book, they’re rock stars.

We get to do it all again in February

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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