January Twenty-Second; New Days

But isn’t each day new? Yes, they are. A brand new page waiting. So…….. what’s this about new days?

Like so many other people, there are things in my past that could drag me down, hold me back. I can take a glance back to some of those moments in time, and realize that during some of them, I was merely trying to survive. I would get up each morning and go through the routine. But every day, I would be trying, doing what it took to keep going. Not allowing a black hole of despair and despondency to take over and close my book. Even when the chapters were dark, frightening and had an appearance of hopelessness. I kept moving forward, though some days were less productive, there was movement, there was life. 

When my husband was alive, it would frustrate him to no end when I refused talk about my past. He did so love to share his past exploits and thought I should do the same. To me though, that was a closed door, only to be opened just a crack and only to show how far I’ve come. Chapters done, let us move on.

Into new days.

We all suffer to some degree.We all have those bad moments that we wish had never happened, that we wished we could forget. The events that could drag us down if we allow. Preventing us from moving forward and living a good life. Without attempting to over simplify, and maybe even sound as if I am belittling the battles some face. It often comes down to a matter of attitude. 

A little over a year ago now, we lost one of my brothers to cancer. When he was diagnosed he told our mother. “I will either come home, or I won’t.” Not morbid, not seeking pity, but accepting what was coming. He fought, and he fought hard, but his coming home to continue this life, wasn’t to be. Instead he was called home to his eternal. His book was closed. While the series of his life continues through his children and grandchildren.

There are many who face obstacles and struggles of varying degrees. A job loss, the loss of family members, a broken relationship, the loss of a home, health struggles. Those are but a few. Each of us, as individual as we are, have difficulties unique to us because of how we face them.
  How it was handled it was our page.

There are many quotes, comments, analogies, covering coffee mugs and decorations on how life is like a book. And it is. Each day a new page, each event a chapter of its own.

We turn the page and find the storm we are facing, and then must decide what we are going to write that day. Are we going to write of a fierce battle? Where we not only stood our ground, but forged ahead, determined and strong?

Are we going to write, how in the midst of the battle, we took time to go in prayer to the Lord, who leads, guides and protects us? Knowing that through Him, we can find wisdom and discernment on how to proceed. 

Are we going to write, that this storm, this battle, was difficult, a struggle that took so much from us. That maybe we actually backed up a step. But we didn’t quit, we didn’t stop, we didn’t withdraw.

At the end of the day, are we going to write that final sentence, content that we did our best? Ready to turn the page and prepare for the new dawn coming? 

I do understand that not all battles are handled in a single day. When I battled breast cancer, it took almost a year before all the treatments were done, and several years of medication to help prevent its return. So it is with some battles. They make up the chapter. Possibly many chapters.

As you write each page, do you write it with boldness and a determination that by the time the chapter, the storm, the battle is complete, you can end it with a bold declaration of success? Will you be able to move to the next chapter stronger, better, more determined?

Not all days are bad.

Not all pages will be filled with struggles and unhappy, angry moments. In and among those days, are moments of good. Tines where we smile and even laugh. Times where we sing joyfully and with abandon. The times we celebrate living and life. With family, with friends, with strangers on the street.

Our life, is our book.

While external forces of which we have little to no control throw curve balls at us from time to time, it is all in how we decide to write the page that matters. Where lies our focus? Do we feel the struggle and difficulties in climbing that mountain, or do we anticipate the view that awaits? Do we see the distance we have left to travel in a particular journey, or do we see the beauty along the way? What exactly, do we fill our pages with? When others view our life, what do they see on the pages? Strength, courage, love? Or something totally different?

 I wish you in this new year, new smiles, new courage, new strength, with a life time of new days to fill.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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