January Twenty First; Footnotes of the moments

 Did I mention how I was awakened this morning? I have not slept well since my husband died. I told my mother today it is more like dozing through the night, awakening at odd times, to drift off again. But this morning, even though I had awakened at one point, I had fallen into a deep sleep. I don’t know whether I was dreaming or not, but suddenly the phone beside my bed began ringing. The fact that my son at some point had changed the ringtone to some loud alert the world,  marching music did not help. When that started playing I literally jumped, missing the ceiling by inches, okay maybe not quite, but grabbing for the phone I dropped the thing. By this time my son had made it to the doorway to my bedroom. I grabbed the phone up from the floor and finally managed to answer. It was my mother telling me, to tell my son happy birthday. Then she said good-bye and hung up.

 Returning the phone to its spot, I told my son, that his grandmother wished him a happy birthday. By now he was really laughing. He asked if that was all she wanted and I responded with, ‘for now’. Deciding I might as well go ahead and get up, I made my way through the house letting dogs out on the way to make coffee.

 Mom did call back not long after my son had left for work and she did apologize for waking me. She thought that my son would answer, he doesn’t even answer his own phone half the time, I have no idea why they still think he would answer the house phone. She also thought I was getting up earlier, why? I have no schedule now. But she had gotten that thought in her head, because I told her I got up early the other day.

When my son came in for lunch he walked in the door and immediately hijacked my computer. He is still trying to get that new gaming console.

There is someone out there who has this program running constantly that lets everyone know when and where they are available. The thing is, the alert is a very loud alarm sound with the shouted words “INCOMING” Which my son heard at five thirty this morning. I’d rather be awakened by the weird ringtone on my phone than that. Anyway, seems that on his way home there had been an alert and some were available at a certain store. But, he missed again. 

He then, as he was preparing to return to work, asked me if I would monitor the site and try to snag a system for him. He had saved money for months for this. I did try. I almost got one too, but no, it wasn’t meant to be. And yes, I was more than happy when I was able to close out that web site and not hear that alarm and shouting any longer.

Still, I would have loved to have succeeded in getting one what with it being his birthday and all. 

I had promised my mother I would help her fill out the paperwork that had been emailed to me for her and dad going for the covid vaccination tomorrow. My printer is a bit temperamental. Some things it prints well, others not so much. I had to go help with the not so much lines.

My mother, has never needed help understanding anything. She has always been right on top of it all. This past year has done a lot of damage, not just on her and dad I know, but I’m closest to her. It is heartbreaking to see the decline that this pandemic has caused.

We did get everything filled out and ready. I’m driving them there in the morning and will be with them before, during and after. 

I got a call from my son, you could tell something was up. He told me that someone had messed up today. He then asked me if it was wrong for him to be happy that it wasn’t him. Nope, not in the least. I lost track of how many times things happened when I worked and I would be doing an internal happy dance that it wasn’t my mistake.

 At one point today, two of the three mouskateers were out on the back steps eating. Suddenly one kitten politely, or rather, not so politely just reached up and clocked the other. And the other had its back turned. Maybe that was why, it wasn’t paying attention. I really hope I can get them tamed, they are all three gorgeous kittens. I would love to be able to find a home for them. They are getting braver so maybe.

  Today, was a good day. It was a beautiful, quiet, incredible day. Even if there were moments that were not so good. We all, are going to have days that have those moments. We see someone we love, not the person they once were. We see someone make a mistake. We see something or someone afraid. We see things, hear things, that we don’t like, don’t appreciate, make us concerned or even afraid. We face things that make us angry. It is how we react to those moments that count.It is our reactions, that make the day good or not so good.

I got stuff done today. I got to spend time with my folks. While I was there my niece’s son came over to show off an award he had gotten from school. Way to go kid! I spent time watching the kittens, even though I’m not sure yet while they spend so much time looking straight up. I was able to wish my son a happy birthday, and make brownies.
 If there is any great way to end an evening, its with a brownies hot out of the oven moment. How, did your day full of moments go?

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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