January Twentieth; A New Vision

 My usual spot, my regular routine. Sitting here with a cup of coffee, watching the sun rise above the trees. The feral cats are out back. One having become courageous enough to play in those leaves I have yet to rake. A second is stretched out comfortably on my back steps, belly full from breakfast. I’ve had my morning conversation with mom. A normal, regular, routine of a morning. Yet, it isn’t.

 In a few short hours, there will be changes made. Changes in this country that will ripple out across the world.  We all sit with a collectively held breath, waiting to see which way those winds will blow. It has been a stormy, rough, struggle to get this far. Politics are a dangerous life and death game a chess. Every move calculated. In the 2010 movie Alice in Wonderland, Alice steps out to fight a creature called the Jabberwocky. Almost immediately the armies of the red and white queens go into battle and chaos erupts. That is what I think of the past election and everything leading up to and afterwards.

 But I don’t write about politics so this is not a political post.

We are weeks into a new year. Yes, we are still battling things from the year that shall not be named, but we are still doing what we can as we are able to move forward.

Recognizing that, I believe we need to turn our eyes ahead. We need to take what we have learned from the things we saw then, and turn it toward a new vision moving forward.

We saw the division created, fed, encouraged. We saw businesses closed. We saw lock downs and mandated distancing. We saw those that complied, and we saw those who refused. We have heard the theories. We have seen the results.

We have acted up to now, as the two battling armies in the movie. We need to stop that mess. We, are better than that.

Going forward, no matter who sits in the office of President, now or in the future, we need to become the people we can be. The people we are meant to be.

Instead of looking backward, let us turn our vision forward. Let us look to the future with hope. Let us look toward the future with anticipation. With a willingness and readiness to build a better. A better what?

A better nation. If we were to be fully truthful, we have embarrassed ourselves. We have all acted like spoiled children, each wanting their way. We need to come together, work together and with determination, bridge the differences. Knit each difference into the cloth of this nation and create a tapestry like none has seen before.

A better state. No matter which state you reside in, there can be improvements. It can only be done with that vision and desire to move forward together. With that vision of a future greatness. One step, one act, one improvement at a time.

A better town. It doesn’t matter if there are thousands or hundreds of residents. Whether than town has one traffic light or so many if you catch them wrong, it takes four times the amount of time it would take to get where you are going. Every town has room for improvement. Every town can be made better with more jobs, better education and training opportunities, more options for recreation. A better understanding and acceptance of the differences in those who live there.

A better family. We have to stop comparing our families to what the media portrays. Be it the magazines, television or anything online. It isn’t fair to ourselves or our family. Too much of what they do is for attention and isn’t what I consider real.

Real is the person who accepts you as you are. No matter how unique or how every day. They are there when you are ready to take on the world, and when you don’t feel up to leaving your bed.

Real is the person who does everything they can to provide for their family.

Real is the person who can argue with you, then turn around calmly and ask forgiveness with a hug.

Real is the person who can accept when they are wrong with humility and when they are right without gloating.

Real, is the person willing to accept that life is not glamorous, and is quite content with that knowledge.

A better society. Doesn’t that fit into the aforementioned? Yes, but also no. Here, I am thinking more personal. More individual, yet outside the family structure.

 Our close friends. Those we may have known forever, or those we more recently met. Understanding that we have differences, we have unique personalities and each and every one of those, gives us something special. A cake is made  from a variety of ingredients. When they are all combined, they make something wonderful. So could be the same with society. An egg is not an onion is not a peach is not a stick of butter. A red crayon is not a yellow is not a grey is not a purple. Each are different, each have their own uses, but when combined with the right ingredients, in the right way, they are very much needed. It is the same with people. Each are different, but put the right people together, those willing, ready and able, and you create magic. 

Strangers on the street. I once embarrassed myself greatly. It was years ago, but I still remember it clearly. Me, my husband and son were waiting in line for a trolley ride in a tourist town. Someone broke in line ahead of us. I very vocally let my displeasure known. While they moved, and life went on, I have not forgotten that moment. I acted very childishly and gave those people the impression I was a jerk. At that moment, I was. My point is that our words and actions show the world who we are. Are we jerks that must have our way or are we people strong enough to take a step back every once and a while letting others go first? Do we treat strangers with a respect for their humanity or look down on those who are struggling? I’m sure we can all do better.

 Social media. How many have read through comments and seen the attacks? How many of witnessed the anger, the hatred, the abuse, all under cover of internet anonymity? Call them a troll, call them a bully, call them what you wish, but we can do better.

So this got longer than I intended. But I’m leaving it this way.

We do need a new vision. We need to understand how we have acted, and why, and turn our eyes forward. We need to open our eyes to what has been going on around us, how many have been mislead. We need to see how many have been fooled. We need to see, how we have lost sight of the destination we should be headed for, and got caught up in a quagmire of confusion, anger and hate.

 We can turn around and set our sights on a better tomorrow, a better future. We do though have to have the determination to work for it, to reach for it, to want it badly enough. We can’t forget what we went through, it is a lesson along our journey. We can build on it though. We can set out to make corrections. If we have the right determination, drive and vision.

Where we end up, depends on the steps we take now.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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