January Fifteenth; Footnotes of The Cat is Watching And Other Moments

   She (the cat) sits on the back steps and watches me through the windows. I know she can see me because she reacts to my movements.She still doesn’t trust me though. I can understand that. If I were in her position I would be careful who I trusted as well.  Who knows how many of those nine lives she may have already used up. She is getting protective over the food I give her. The black kitten showed up and she only allowed it to eat so much before she ran it away.

 It seems that she has become comfortable hanging out on the back steps of my house. She can sit on the top and see anything that may be approaching and she can look in the window as if to let me know the food dish is empty. Sorry, I’m only putting so much out there. I’m already bossed around by three fur covered rulers, I don’t need another.

My son is laughing at me because I may or may not have given her a name, that will not be spoken out loud. Yet. 

The neighbor has been having his own private jam session, which happens about this time nearly every day. It isn’t that loud, usually I either have to be outside or have the door open to hear his music. He’s actually improving. We all need a creative outlet, I’m glad he has found his.

I have a friend who creates adorable crocheted teddy bears.

Me, I bleed words onto a screen.

 I had to bite the bullet and go to the big box store for groceries today. First I had to try and get all of the sawdust from my chain saw adventure off my favorite boots. You would think I would have been smart enough not to wear them while doing that, but nope.

I did manage to get them cleaned up and off I set. Away from my warm, safe, dry home and into the day. This cold, miserable mist was falling and a warning light was on in my jeep. It does that when the jeep is cold and doesn’t want to leave the garage. Sorry, Star, everyone is hungry.

It wasn’t too bad at the store, there were moments but nothing that left me wanting to plow my way through. Even the lines were short at check out. After having dealt with long lines every other time I was there it felt odd. 

When I got home I saw someone had called and left a message. Wondering if it was about my car warranty, my windows, or if someone was wanting to buy my home I hit play. It was an actual person checking on a member of my family. I have several who are dealing with health issues and are in need of prayer. I did return their call and spoke with them briefly. 

Moments later my phone started ringing. When I answered, it was a wrong number. I only answered because a real person’s name showed on the caller ID. The caller then called two more times. I really don’t know if they wrote a number down incorrectly or what. They did apologize, I told them not to worry, it was fine. It really didn’t bother me, mistakes happen.

  Bella and Molly have been busy today, being protectors of their kingdom and beyond. I’m working on breaking them from barking at anything and everything that even so much as thinks of moving but so far it isn’t working. One thing is for sure, no one is sneaking down my driveway.

 Right now, its dark outside and I’m pretty sure the cat who may or may not have a name, is safely under my house. If she’s out on the step, I can’t see her so trying to get a night time snack is wasted. Soon I will call both dogs inside and once they are in their perspective rooms, yes, I have to separate them at night because they want to play, I can feed Cricket again. I had to get the dogs inside earlier when a neighbor stopped by and Molly ate what little Cricket had not.

 A normal, boring, not so boring day. There were other things that happened of course, but I’ll leave those to another time. Life is made of moments all collected together. It is up to us on how we look at them and how we react to them that makes the day good or not.

Her supreme royal highness

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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