January Twelfth, Resources Needed, Available, Used.

The world outside my window is once again shrouded in fog. The mist heavy enough to be falling like gentle rain. The sky though, is not that thick, solid grey, it is broken in spots and touched with puffs of white. I sit here, sipping my first cup of coffee, still in my retirement uniform and ponder the wonders of the blossoming day.

 I have not yet seen the three mousekateers, that were visiting late yesterday. Young cats, most likely only months old, very pretty in their color and markings, and also hungry. Searching through the leaves for any remaining leftovers that had been tossed out  days before. I knew there couldn’t be much left, if anything. Foraging racoon and possum would have cleared most of it, a gathering of cardinals was working on the remains before our Saturday afternoon snow.  At best, what was left was more scent than sustenance. So I did what any compassionate heart would do, I took food out. Originally I thought there was only one, because only one was searching first. After I had taken out the food, the other two came out of hiding.

Now I have to decide what to do about three beautiful, but feral cats. Living in a rural area, this isn’t the first time, and these are not the only feral cats moving among the houses searching for food and a safe, warm place to rest.Seeking out resources for survival.  There are several adult cats and at least one black kitten. I really need to do some research on resources to take care of these lives, as otherwise the coyote and the traffic on the main road will.

 Last week when the weather prognosticators were saying we could possibly have snow, I splurged a bit. On my mandatory trip to the store for survival foods, bread, milk, cookies, I purchased an inexpensive bird feeder and bag of seed. It is now hanging on the shepherd’s hook that during the summer the hummingbird feeders hang on. I know that birds are naturally resourceful, but during the winter, food supplies are lean. During the summer, I’ll take it back down. Besides, if it will draw those cardinal closer, that would be cool.

The birds haven’t found it yet. I also now have the concern over drawing birds with three hungry cats back there. The squirrel haven’t found it yet either. They will eventually, they always manage to find food sources, even it they aren’t meant for them. When they do, there should be an entertainment value making it worth the seed they consume. 

Obviously animals, whether they are wild, abandoned or lost, are resourceful. They will attempt in any way possible, to find ways to survive. Some cannot. Most domesticated dogs do not have the same ability to survive on their own, as cats possess. Left to their own resources, their life is not a long one.

 Humans, have a vast expanse of resources available.  It is a matter of having access. That, is what is occupying my thoughts this morning, resources. That we have the access to food we need.

Not just for the body, but for the mind and spirit.
That those who have lost income, still are able to provide food for themselves and their families. That no one goes hungry. The homeless, out on the street, has somewhere they can go to be fed. That someone provides to them, and to those who have no way of getting out to get food. Whether they are sheltering in place, or home bound for other reasons. That the kindness and concern by family, friends or even strangers, keeps them fed. 

That no matter who it is, children trying to learn virtually, people who are restricted in mobility, those who are staying home, all have access to ways of learning and staying mentally active and fed. 

Churches are operating in various forms. Some are as before, all functions at prepandemic levels. Others are scaled back, offering services in a safe manner, while not having all parts of what once was. Some, are fully online only. Services streamed and available to any and all.

 One issues though, is that not everyone has a computer or internet services.

There has to be access to health care. What ever the need may be.  It isn’t only the homeless that are going without the care they need. There are many who now find themselves without the insurance that would help them get the medical attention they require.

I could continue with the list as it is endless. The resources that we need, as individuals, as communities, as nations, is not only long, but it grows with each passing day. We need to take the time to provide access to the resources that would help respond to the needs. That would give those in need of help, and those who wish to help answers.

 One such way, is the way of faith. There have been many times when I was in need, and my church family has provided for me and my family. My hope and prayer, is that I will be able to step up and follow their example when I come upon someone in need. As we are instructed: https://biblescan.com/search.php?q=take+care+of+widows+and+orphans

Then, when time comes, we would hear this:
We are given resources, the ways to access them are there. We only have to need to have the desire to find and use them.

That our walk takes us ever higher, ever closer to the resources available, that we may use them to better our world.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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2 Responses to January Twelfth, Resources Needed, Available, Used.

  1. I always find your thoughts deeply moving…
    … as individuals and members of communities there is always someone in need, and there is always some way to alleviate those needs.
    It’s just a matter of finding out how.
    As for those adorable homeless young cats … gifts of food generally tame most hearts… but in doing so you could gain lifetime friends and expense.
    The animal rescue centre here is always looking for homes for cats mostly as they have a no kill policy. I donate towels and blankets when I can.

  2. True. I have tamed many over the years. I am not in a position though to take on any right now. The best I can do is try to make sure they don’t go hungry while I seek out a way to get them a real home. Which, unfortunately won’t be easy since they are feral.

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