I know that sound

 I’ve heard that tone of voice before. It is the tone that makes my mother’s blood run cold in my veins.

I needed to go to the bank so I called my mother and asked if she wanted to ride with me. It would give me company and her a few minutes out of the house. It took longer going to and from the bank than it did processing my transaction. As we were headed home mom said, ‘well, I got thirty minutes out anyway.’ I told her that I heard that big box store calling my name so we might as well head that way.

 Pulling into the parking lot she asked about visiting the dollar store to see if they had something dad wanted. They didn’t have anything that would work for him, but they did have row upon row, upon row of Valentine’s gifts and decorations. Some are actually rather pretty. 

Leaving there empty handed we went to the big box store and found everything she and I both needed. Along with a few extra items. As we were leaving my phone began ringing. It was my son asking where I was. There, was that tone. I told him and tried to tell him we were leaving when he told me what had happened. What was causing that sound of every emotion known to humanity all crammed into one with pain being strongest.

 He had come home for lunch to find our dogs fighting each other. Outside the fence was a small black and white dog that I have no idea where it belongs. They couldn’t get to it, so Bella and Molly turn on each other. Usually Molly starts it. If I’m home and I hear the warning sounds, I use the training collar and break it up before it starts. I then bring Bella inside until everything cools down. Only I wasn’t home and they were at full rage. 

James tried to break it up using the training collar but it didn’t work. Then he did the stupid thing. He grabbed the dogs. Molly got his right arm, Bella the left. Bella did the most damage. He said all he could feel of his left hand was pain.

 When I pulled in the driveway he walked out to meet me. His arm was covered in blood. It had pretty much stopped bleeding but it needed to be cleaned up badly. I carried my two bags inside and found my first aid supplies. I managed to get him to let his grandmother go home and come inside.

We carefully cleaned his arm, it wasn’t easy because of how badly it hurt. Finally getting it cleaned I had him hold his arm over the sink and soaked it good in hydrogen peroxide. That in drawn breath and attempt at remaining silent that didn’t quite work let me know how badly that hurt. I then filled all wounds with neosporin, that I had just purchased. The odd thing there, I normally purchase the regular stuff, this time I had purchased a tube that also contained pain relief. I wrapped it up as carefully as I could, that it would protect it but not be too tight. 

He then decided that he would try to work and left. He had called in to let them know what happened but the one on the phone didn’t sound too pleased. My son does not like disappointing anyone. So he gathered up his stuff and left. He hasn’t returned yet so he must be doing something.

Mom reminded me that he is going to need a Tetanus shot. He isn’t going to like that but I agree fully with her.

 There are a few spots of blood that I need to clean up, I’ve already put the supplies away. I’ve already gone through the calm, rational mom, fix the hurt mode. I’ve gotten through the delayed panic mode and now I’m in the how to prevent a repeat mode.

Molly is outside and Bella inside. I just don’t know  to do about preventing this from happening again other than making sure Bella is inside when I go anywhere. They are fine, right up until a stray dog or the neighbor’s dog, comes strolling along and invades their turf. I have no control over the stray dogs, so I have to figure out what to do with my own to prevent these battles. Until then, like angry toddlers they are separated.

Evenly matched but for age, Molly in the purple at 2, Bella with the red leash at 8. Bella the smarter, Molly the stronger.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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4 Responses to I know that sound

  1. I know that tone as well… when a child speaks and even the first word prickles the hairs at the back of your neck.
    Even on the phone.
    Even a 1000 kilometres away.
    I do hope your sons injuries heal fast.

  2. Thank you. He’s usually very strong, it has to be something bad to make him sound like that. I’m going to believe it was the amount of blood that did it this time.

  3. Mary Young says:

    I gave my grandson Roo as he and Pooh Bear kept fighting and the last time I got tore up It was so hard to give up one of my babies but I did not want them to hurt one another and I know he is with my grandson I do not have the strength and James does and got hurt I will be praying for you all

    • I’m so sorry you got injured. Ever since this happened Bella keeps looking at him with that, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to” expression. At least your Roo is still with family.

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