Day Six; Footnotes of Whispers and Wishes

Initiate panic buying now. Why? Because I live in an area of North Carolina that doesn’t normally have frozen stuff falling from the sky. When any of the weather prognosticators dare to even think that “S” word..snow, people, the word, gets a little crazy around here. The thing is, they not only thought it, they spoke it out loud. Let the insanity begin.

 I did make a few preparations today.

Not so much because of that potential rain mixed with snow that may or may not stick to the grass. More so because I have two big dogs and a cat with issues and was running seriously low on food for them. I don’t want any of them upset with me. While Bella is pretty chill and takes almost everything in stride, Molly can give you a big, sad eyed, look that will break your heart. Cricket the cat with issues, has claws and knows how to use them. So, I finally broke down, grabbed a jacket and headed for the store. 

I did decide to fill the tank in my Jeep. Better safe than sorry right? When I arrived at the gas station, there were lines of cars waiting. Thankfully with the access for my gas being on the passenger side, I was able to pull right up. As I pumped the gas I watched as someone who thought themselves special, pulled  up to the pumps across from me, going the wrong direction. I think they got lectured by the attendant, but I was busy minding my own business. I couldn’t help but notice how close the next car pulled in to the one who was wrong. That was going to be an interesting event trying to pull out, but like I said, I was busy minding my own business pumping gas. I didn’t hang around to see how it played out.

When I pulled around to the parking for the big box store, I actually managed to find a spot fairly close. I hoped that was a good sign. There were plenty of buggies waiting, another good sign. The first one I grabbed, didn’t wobble or pull to one side or even sound as if it had a flat tire. I was beginning to become afraid.

 I went down the vitamin aisle and they had one box of that emergen-c powder that was the Elderberry flavor I had been looking for. I went out to the area that was in the process of switching from Christmas to garden center. I found a bag of bird seed mix that was a decent size and under eight dollars, and a bird feeder that was also inexpensive. I’ll put this where my hummingbird feeders were. When I got to the pet food aisle, they not only had the canned food I prefer for my dogs, they had the food my mother needs for hers. Both of which are normally difficult at best to find.

I went around to get the cat food only to see that all the bags of her preferred brand of dry was way out of reach. As I leaned forward to see if there was any way I could wiggle a bag forward my hand rested on something hanging on the rack. A nice long pole with a hook on the end. How about that? Using this I managed to pull the bag forward enough to reach. Returning the hook to its place I placed the bag in the buggy and made to move on along.

 By now I’m really wondering if I had fallen off into some alternate universe somehow. Because this was really strange.  Item by item I found what I was looking for. This was going too easy. Even the store employees who were shopping for someone readily moved so I could pass, not once but twice. 

It was only when I made my way to check out that it was apparent that the snow word had been used. The lines stretched back, way back, into the store. I found a register being handled by someone I had checked out through before and got in line. I was right in thinking that she would make short work of the line, even when there were problems with a gift card someone was using. 

Finally out and back at the car I loaded my haul in the back, put the buggy in the buggy corral, and made to leave. The main access roadway in and out of the center has an intersection mid way. Vehicles coming into the center have right a way at that intersection, there are signs. I pull up to the stop sign as a vehicle is coming in and they stop. And sit there. I’m waiting, and motioning them to come on. Finally they come ahead. I wasn’t about to go and have anyone accuse me of improper movement. 

Home finally I get everything inside and put away. I then took the dog food down to mom’s and spoke with her briefly. I still had plenty of afternoon and I wanted to get some firewood on the porch. I filled my tree squashed wagon to the point where I could only manage to pull it just inside the gate. I then carried in several arm loads of wood that I placed it close but yet a safe distance from the stove. 

 I….am… ready. Let it snow if it must. I heard the whispers, the big kid in me still has the wishes, and I’m ready.

Then, to make a good day even better, my son calls and asks if I would like to meet him at the cracker barrel for supper.  I’m on my way. You know that, too good to last thing?

 We placed our food order and the server told us that they might be out of what my son wanted, she would run check. Yep, they were out, so he ordered breakfast instead. I had ordered meatloaf. After what seemed to be an extended wait, someone, (a manager?) appeared and apologized saying it would be another twenty some minutes before the meatloaf would be ready. Did I want to wait, or order something else? I decided I’d go ahead and order breakfast.

It wasn’t our best visit here, but it wasn’t the worst either. As many times as we go there, its amazing that there aren’t more bad visits. Finally home now. Everybody has been fed, everybody seems content.

 I really don’t know if we’ll see snow. Part of me would love to see just enough to get out and take photos.Part of me, the bigger part, is ready for Spring. I’m  glad that I was able to take care of everything today, just in case those whispers and wishes come true.

What could result from the whispers and wishes. A snow scene from years ago.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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