January Fifth; Seeking a New Strength

 After finally watching the closing credits to the year that shall not be named, we are still seeking the proper ending. The antagonist(s) of the movie have still not been fully dealt with so we battle onward. We seek a resolution to the conflicts. An end to all that the antagonists have bombarded this world and its people with, bringing the suffering faced. Though weary and worn, we still seek that new strength to continue. We have faced struggles in the past. We have wiped a brow and gathered the tattered remnants of will as we bid farewell to a rough year. This one just past though, seems to have brought more than any before it, at least in the memories of most.

How do we shake off the dust of suffering and move forward? 


a) moving

  When the pandemic caused everything to be closed down, our mobility was limited. The ability to get the exercise we need to remain healthy and strong all but taken from us. With instructions to get outside and gain vitamin D from sunlight but parks, trails and all other venues closed to the public that made it near impossible. It began to look as if even those creating the rules had no idea how ridiculous they were. When those who attempted to get outside and were so far away from others there could be no danger and yet they were in the very least cited for recklessness. You wonder, but you don’t give up.
 For now, public parks and green ways are open. We are able to get out and move. Distancing is still important, but outside that is possible. Fitness centers are opening in limited ways, we can get in and get active again. We have to find those ways to remain healthy and strong. While being healthy does not prevent the virus, it does play a part in helping overcome.

b) diet 

No, not some fad thing that would help lose weight. Even though if needed weight loss is a plus. I’m talking eating more healthy. Watching how much junk food, processed food, improper foods that you consume. I do realize that right now, with all those out of work and in a financial bind, this is more difficult. It is not impossible. Restricting the sodas and snacks will free up some money. Otherwise mindfulness on what you are eating and drinking goes a long way. As well as being mindful or activity or lack of movement.

c) rest   

We have been told for ages just how important a good night’s sleep is for our body. That is still true. It is also very difficult when one is stressed out so completely. When you are worried about finances and how things are going to get paid, getting a good night’s sleep is at best difficult. When you worry about the health and safety of loved ones, sleep is difficult. When you are pushed to limits mentally and physically, sleep is difficult. I’ll be honest in that I often struggle with this and have yet to find the answer. Going to sleep is relatively easy, staying asleep nearly impossible.

2) Mentally  

Facing the disaster that we have and are, it is all too easy to sit in front of a television and allow ourselves to zone out. To allow ourselves for a while, to forget and ignore what is going on around us. To pretend, it never happened. It is important though that we only allow brief moments of this, we need to work at staying mentally strong. Through educating ourselves on betterment. Through education on preparedness. Through educating ourselves on what is going on around us, in all of its compartments and how we can face them individually.
 We can learn new hobbies, gain new talents. Staying mentally active is as important as being physically active. Learning new things, may even offer up new avenues of revenue.

3) Emotionally   

This one, may be one of the more difficult to retain or gain, our strength. When we see those we love hurting, it is near impossible to not hurt along with them. Many have this strong sense of pride. They are proud of being able to take care of their family. They are proud of the things they accomplish. Many, so very many, have lost their jobs. When the job went, so did a large portion of that being able to take care of and provide for themselves and their family.

 Being separated from family due to the restrictions hurts. Especially when one cannot be with elderly family members who may not understand what is going on and may feel abandoned. Those who are confined to centers where they are vulnerable and more at risk.

 Those who must go into the hospital for treatments, but must go alone. The fears faced and endured. Walking into that building alone, facing health care professionals on their own, especially at young ages or the older who may not fully comprehend what is happening, can be terrifying.

When loved ones are lost, whether due to the pandemic or not. The loss now is more deeply felt as emotions are raw.

We have left the year, but the effects remain. We are still battling, still facing, still enduring the battles. The skirmishes continue, seemingly without end. We seek strength to continue. We seek strength to endure.

Conspiracy theories abound. They seem to grow more abundant with each day. Multiplying like roaches, slinking about in the dark, and scurrying away from the light.

Division is growing among many. No one seeks to resolve, only to prove they are correct. No one seems to seek healing, only wounding those they think guilty. Are the weak being played? Where is the strength of coming together and working toward the resolution of problems and differences to build a stronger, better, society?

Fear is building. We have, by appearances, grown afraid of each other more than we have a virus.

We need a new strength. A new strength of purpose, of will, of attitude. We need, to move past the fears, and seek the courage to live again. To seek the strength to rebuild and renew. We are a world of many different types of people, and yet we are one. We need, a new strength of understanding and love. A strength of coming together as one, to battle together, to overcome together, to survive and end this struggle, together.

While we struggle in the darkness of the battle, there is light beckoning us forward.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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