Day Two; New Beginnings a Gift

I feel a bit like I am in that movie with Bill Murray, Groundhog Day. I’m sitting in my usual spot, another cup of coffee within reach and outside my windows the world is shrouded in fog. The sky that same, soft, monotone grey. There is a difference though, the birds are singing. I also watched a squirrel as it foraged among the leaves out back, looking for breakfast. Life seems to have that rinse and repeat cycle here on the dirt road. Which is not a bad thing usually. But there are those times of new beginnings.

misty morning

 I escaped-literally- from a bad marriage. I was left wounded in many ways, fearful of relationships one of the deepest. Then I met the man I was going to be with for thirty-four years. Our marriage was a new beginning, a gift of proving that marriage can last even during hard times. A new beginning that brought healing of old wounds to both of us. While as is usual for anyone in a relationship there were rough times, we got by them. When I was expecting our son, my husband decided he wanted to create a better life for us. He left the manufacturing job he had held for years and moved to a totally different line of work. He was making more and we were doing fairly well. Then that business closed. Once again he had to look for a job. The new career took him into something like never before. It also took him to places like never before. He became a long haul truck driver. Talk about new beginnings. It took him away, but paid the bills and taught both of us things we had never known before.

 Then, my husband died while out on the road. I was then cast into a new beginning like never before. After all of those years as a couple, I was now on my own. Thankfully my son was here to help as I navigated this new ocean. After almost four years, I have discovered a lot about myself and the person I am.

Then I lost my job. I had to learn how to walk this walk without that routine. Suddenly I went from having no time hardly to having nothing but time. 

All of that, is me. How new beginnings were and are a gateway from one position to the next. Such is this new year. A gift of new.The year that shall not be named really did a number on many of us. We had walked into the new year with excitement and expectation. Just not expecting what we found. The struggles we have faced have been very real. At times, there are those who have wondered if they were going to make it through. Some, sadly, did not. That has left their loved ones hurting at their loss.

All of this, and more, has already been discussed and covered every way from Sunday and then some. 

The gift, of new beginnings. Lets discuss that

.New. Unused. Untouched. Untried. Unknown. 

It is the second day of a new year. I opened a new calendar yesterday, the pages unmarked and waiting.Last year’s closed and set aside. I think, that there are those of us who look to this new year with a bit of trepidation, cautious over getting too excited due to what we have just gone through. Those who have been on the front lines are battle scarred and weary. Those of us who, though not on the battle front, also weary from our struggles and positions. We stand at the gate looking forward with understandable concerns.

Yet, I believe, that we need to see this new year as it is, a new beginning. We have all been through fire. Yes, it has been different levels and left different scars, but it has taught many lessons. We have learned how to survive with little, we have learned how to be more creative with what we have. We have learned how to be stronger.

 Many of those who are able have reached out, helping others in many ways. We sometimes admire those who give vast gifts. Whether it be money or homes or go into those big box stores and pay off every lay away. We cheer them and applaud their generosity. It is indeed wonderful the gifts they have given. I think more though, of the ones who give, when they are struggling.

Before Christmas, I took part in a toy for tots drive. I had people give very generous donations which were then and now greatly appreciated. The one that sticks with me though, is the person who contacted me, wanting to give a gift for the drive. I met them and accepted the gifts they gave.  Knowing their struggles, out of their less, they still gave. The year had not destroyed their heart. 

So here we stand, looking out on the unknown. We cannot allow the events we have just gone through, to prevent us from having a good year. We cannot allow the struggles, the concerns, the battle to leave us too weary and afraid to face this year with excitement and anticipation. I mentioned Dorothy in a prior blog. Dorothy, just having been threatened by a wicked witch, and given the news she was going to have to start on the journey to Oz on her own, began this journey by dancing out of Munchkin Land and into the unknown. 

New. This time, is a gift.This is a new year, new beginning, new journey. At one time,soldiers marched to a drumbeat. I think, that we should go into this gift with a renewed strength and courage. Understanding the knowledge we have obtained. Realizing the strength we have gained. I think, we need to raise our voice in song and yes, dance into this new year believing and accepting it to be the gift it is. One of a new day, ready to be filled with new adventures. Ready to be filled with laughter that has been missing. Ready to be filled, with new memories made. The year is ready, a gift waiting to be opened. Are we, ourselves, willing and ready? We should be.

We do not know what awaits, all we need, is the courage to take that curve in the road and keep moving forward.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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2 Responses to Day Two; New Beginnings a Gift

  1. Aimee P says:

    Thank you for this post. I can relate and really needed to hear this. Happy New Year!

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