December Twenty-first; If I Could Give a Gift

 There is a great deal of information being shared lately about the Christmas Star. An amazing event set to peak tonight: How, When And Where You Can See ‘Christmas Star’ Planets Then Shooting Stars On The Solstice This Week

 While this is obviously not the first and only amazing astrological event, this is special due to timing. An event that hasn’t happened in 800 years and is happening so close to Christmas. Living as I do in a house surrounded by trees, I’m going to need to search out a more open area if I hope to see this. This is, and is not, what I was planning on writing about this morning. I did not deliberately place this prompt on my list due to the celestial event, but I’m happy that it worked out this way. Humans have used the stars to guide them from the beginning of recorded history: History @ Celestial Navigation

But there are more stars than just the celestial. There are many guiding stars around us.

 1) Education.   

When we take serious the opportunity to educate ourselves, our growth is guided. We become obviously more knowledgeable, but also better prepared for what we face. Whether it be the day to day events, or something that seems to come up out of nowhere.  Through learning, we can make repairs to the broken, discover better ways to treat a cough, or how to take care of ourselves on an outdoor adventure. If we take the time to educate ourselves, we gain a better understanding of others. That the differences, may in fact be not so seemingly strange after all. That those differences are not wrong, simply a part of the history of who are ancestors were and what guided our life into who we are. We are all different, you can break it down any way you wish, by the final step, when you arrive at the individual, we are each and all unique as is meant to be. That part of our characteristic, that uniqueness, is important. Understanding that, educating ourselves to that, is an important, guiding step toward growth and acceptance.

 2) A further part of education, is history.   

Not all history is good. No matter where you are, there are things that have happened in the past that are ugly, that are sad, that are wrong. You only have to accept that it happened, not that you like it, not that it should have been, or that it was in any way right. From that history though, can and should come growth. Learning from it so that what happened then, is never repeated.
 We have seen were many want to remove statues, erase names, seemingly eradicate past history from the books. Even going so far as to ban many books. To erase those reminders, as ugly as they are, is to leave humanity open to forget and to repeat. Then, any progress made, with be in the least diminished, in the worst erased. We need the past, to guide us to a better future.

3) The arts  

All of them. Be it music, dance, literature, painting. Any form or creation of the arts guides us. It has been used much like celestial navigation from time beginning, but on a more down to earth level:
Art and Its Impact on Society: Art Districts Revitalizing Communities

How often, have you been somewhere and saw a painting that caught your eye, whether a mural on the side of a building, or one hanging in an office? How often has music lifted your mood, or calmed your spirit? How often, has the written word drawn you into a different time and place?
 How often, has a documentary, taught you something new, or reminded you of something past? How often, has an artistic endeavor, brought you closer to humanity?

4) Friends and family.  

  Those important to us, who knows us best. The good and the bad sides of who we are. They see us when we need that moment of understanding and being pointed in the right direction. They know, (most of the time) when to wait until asked or when intervention is needed. They know, when we need that other person to simply be with, whether words are shared or simply time.

5) Faith.    

There are many beliefs in this world. Each with their own words of purpose and direction. As a Christian, my faith rests in the Trinity. This now, is the time of year where the miraculous birth is celebrated. Where the Magi and the Shepherds were guided to the child born to save. The Magi, guided by a star’s bright light, to the Light of the World. Come to teach and show peace, hope, compassion, forgiveness, love.

No matter what human kind has done over the course of history to change God’s Word to suit their means, it remains the same. Believe in the birth, life, death and resurrection. Believe and have trust and faith in the message of forgiveness. Trust in all that has been told and promised. Look to, and follow Him, the guiding star of light and hope, of love.

The Star of Bethlehem |

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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