You’re on Candid Camera

Today could have gone very different. It could have, but didn’t. It didn’t, because life has taught me a valuable lesson. 

I was awakened around three this morning by the sound of the rain hitting the windows. There had to be some form of ice in that from the sound of those hits. At that time of morning though, I really didn’t care. Pulling the blanket up higher and trying to drift back to sleep. But last night, as the past two before it, were nights of little sleep. Something that has become routine since my husband passed away. Still, I did drift in and out of sleep until around seven and then I was awake and no going back. My dog Bella had heard my son moving about the house as he prepared to leave for work. She jumped off the bed and went to the gate that I use to keep her in the bedroom and still be able to leave the door open. She could easily get through, over, past it, if she wanted, but she respects the gate and waits. He must have never looked her way, as it wasn’t long that I heard the front door open and close as he left. The whimper from Bella was pitiful. Dragging myself out of bed, I give her a pet and then let her out. Opening the door to the still falling rain had her almost changing her mind but she went. I then let Molly out as well.

 Going into the kitchen I prepared to make coffee. Months back I had purchased a small basket to fit inside the one made into the pot so to prevent so many coffee grounds from flowing into the pot. It was nowhere to be seen. Apparently I have thrown it away in the recent past without realizing I was doing so. The filters I have though fit well and so far haven’t bent over in process to give me that grounded feeling. Still, remember to smile.

As I debated on if I was going to go out into the weather or not, mom calls. I had already had two interesting conversations with her this morning. She called me from dad’s cell phone to let me know her house phone isn’t working and it will be tomorrow before they can come out to see what’s wrong. Moments later she called from her house phone to tell me she had fixed it herself. Go mom, and smile. I did. When mom called the third time, was to ask if I were going anywhere. I admitted that I needed to go to the bank and probably the local big box store. That was what she was hoping to hear as she needed to go herself. Telling her I’d be there soon, I finished getting ready. Not just finish getting dressed and my contact in, but ready for the conversation I knew mom was bringing with her.  Poor mom, dealing with dad when he’s in drive ya crazy gear. Smile.

 It took  longer to get to the bank than it did to take care of my transaction. Done and gone and headed for shopping. In and out of a dollar store with bags that would have cost five times that in the big box. I carried them to the car and then went to meet mom.

 Pushing the cart we headed for men’s wear. Dad wanted a pair of flannel pajamas. Mom went in one direction, I in another. We really weren’t having any luck. It stinks when the stores put things out in advance, then, unless you are buying in advance you’re kinda out of luck. First come -first served, once it’s gone it’s gone. But, as I walked around the end of an aisle, something caught my attention. One pair of men’s size large flannel pajamas, stuffed in the top of a box of thermal shirts. They were actually a nice combination of blue and grey. I had no idea what size mom was looking for because I had neglected to ask, but I wasn’t putting these back.

 Moving toward the end of the aisle I saw mom looking at something as if pondering whether dad would take that or not. I asked her what size she was searching for and showed her what I had found. Eureka, she was searching for large. Smile. She asked where I found it and if there were any more. No, just that pair stuck where they didn’t belong. Just waiting for me to find them. 

We wandered around the store for a while, getting this or that, me thinking I wanted one thing only to change my mind. I think I was annoying mom. Smile mom, we’re good. It was funny in a way. We had been in there several times over the course of the last few weeks and the place be packed. You couldn’t stir people with a stick it was so bad those days. Today, not so. We were able to go where we wanted in the store easily. We found almost everything we wanted. Checking out was fairly quick. Smile. 

Mom spends the majority of her time at home with dad being dad and being an annoyance. If she could get out and away from him, she would be fine. But they, like everyone else, are pretty much stuck except for the essential runs. I know, that when we do go out, she’s going to talk. She needs to talk. So I let her talk, and as she talks, you can hear the stress levels easing and the calm returning. 

Mom taught me a lot, life added to those lessons. You cannot control other people, you can only control your own actions.

Don’t allow the words and actions of others, drag you down to their level of pain.

 You attract more flies with honey (why I would want to attract flies I’m not sure but) so act nice, be polite and treat others as you would like to be treated. It won’t always work as you wish, but most of the time it will. The rest doesn’t matter.

 Notice others. Not just that glance and look away quickly notice. See, really actually see, them. Speak a greeting, make an honest complement if one is warranted. Coo over a baby and speak to a child from a respectable distance.

 Be polite to store employees. Stores have policies they must follow and enforce. You might not like them, but don’t take it out on them. There is no sense in screaming at an employee running a register, or a manger trying to explain policy. Those usually come from corporate offices, contact them. Screaming and name calling won’t get you far though.

 Smile. Even behind these face coverings, people can tell. It shows in your eyes and movements. When people smile, their movements are more fluid and easy. Smile, at the babies, smile at the lady who is carrying around the puppy even though the store says no pets. Smile, because you will feel better. You will be healthier. You will be happier. 

When you smile at others outwardly, your heart smiles on the inside. And you just never know, who may be watching your actions. What lessons you may be teaching, without realizing.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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    That was an awesome read. Smile.

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