December Eleventh; If I Could Give a Gift

It would be to heal the division that has been and continues to be created among us.

 Maybe it was very naive of me to think that we were making strides in togetherness and understanding of each other and our differences. Maybe, I thought that we had come a long way toward healing. Maybe we had, and maybe someone decided to use the fragile state of that healing and rip us apart again. 

We all know we have differences, or at least we should. Canadians are different than Americans, who are different than Irish, who are different than Russian. Those from the Middle East have a different lifestyle than those from Antarctica. Christians are different than Judaism who are different than Islamist who are different than Buddhism who are different.. 

Yet, it goes even further, take the United States, Northerners are different than southerners who are different than those from the Midwest. We are the same country, but the different regions are different because of the landscape and weather patterns and just how life is handled in general. Lets go one step further. Lets use North Carolina where I am from for an example. At the western end of North Carolina you have the Blue Ridge Mountains, then the Piedmont area and out on the Eastern end you have the beaches and outer banks. Three different regions in one state with very different characteristics. Even the dialects are different. 

But of course that isn’t all. The differences in neighborhoods, whether one lives in a rural area, a small town setting or a big city, all create a totally different atmosphere. Education varies. In some countries, it is almost or completely nonexistent in some areas. While some areas celebrate their places of higher learning. All the differences that can be recognized, we should know.

 The differences in history and how groups were treated. I will not single out any groups here because in truth there are many who were abused, mistreated and victims of various forms of genocide. 

All of that, is information we have heard before, what does that have to do with a gift?

 We cannot deny the past. We cannot sweep history away, under a rug or bury it in some back room. We cannot, should not make attempts at eradicating it from books, parks or anywhere else that signs of it exists. A statue may have been intended to honor, but can be looked at in a different light. It can and should be a reminder of a past wrong. It could be, should be a lesson to keep us from making the same past mistakes. Statues, roads named, buildings named after people, are a lesson, a reminder that they were human, and being human, had human failings. While they did good and bad, lessons can be learned from both.

 If I could give a gift, it would be  togetherness.

It would be where we could come together, see history for what it was. Good and bad. Accomplishments and failures. Strength and weakness. Where as one group, diverse but strong in those differences, can learn and grow. That we could take the mistakes and turn them into lessons.

If we could find that common ground to work together. Our humanity. We may look, act, think differently, but cut us and we all bleed. Not only the clothing we wear, but the very skin on our body is nothing but a covering. The important part, is the heart, spirit and soul within. What thoughts are in our mind, what emotions that dwell within our heart. That is the important parts of us.

Whether we seek to make life better, through knowledge and growth, through building and positive attitude over destructive acts. Acknowledging the past is not celebrating it, acknowledging that it happened, then taking that lesson and making positive changes in attitude and actions show growth. Seeing the things we dislike and disagree with and taking steps to correct and improve, is growth and togetherness.

 It is the fact that we are different, that we have different ways of seeing things, where strength lies. If we were all the same, if we all saw things the same way, there would be no different perspectives, and many of the things we have learned, we possibly would never have discovered. It takes the differences to grow and expand our knowledge and creativity. 

Education is a very big key to this. To make education available and a priority is important. To make available the many roads to the future an open possibility through learning, is important. It is an equalizer.

But it takes being able to come together, with and in spite of those differences, as one, with one mind, heart and determination, to have a better society. There was one, who came to us, the greatest gift of love, of all. Who came to bring us together, as one in forgiveness and love. Who taught us to take care of our neighbor, who is our neighbor? Every one we meet along this journey of life. Who not only taught but lived to show us ways to come together.

What do you think? What importance do you place on togetherness? Do you think, it would make a difference or no?

One snowflake alone, creates not much more than a hope. Many, coming together, blankets the landscape and changing everything.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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