Day 345; Footnotes of Seeking the Reason for the Season

Weeks ago in an attempt to bring about a bit of cheerfulness in an otherwise unpleasant time, I decided to put up my Christmas decorations early. That meant getting my son to help carry multiple boxes out of the building and borrowing my dad’s ladder to get up on the roof. The weather was perfect for crawling around on the top of the house. I’m no fan of heights, but if I wanted lights up, I have to put that discomfort, okay fear, aside and get on the roof. After checking each strand, I carried the ones that all worked up on the roof and got busy.

 Funny thing about checking out things like lights, they plan mental games. After getting all the lights up on the house, I plugged them in and of course one strand a third of the lights were not working. Back up to the roof top, replace that strand with another and all was fine. There are multiple drop cords, but you don’t see them at night and no one comes visit during the day so it doesn’t really matter. What matters, is the cheer brought about by the lights and colors. 

Then this week, all of the lights on one side went out. Had I been visited by the Grinch? Wanting to stop Christmas from coming? My son tried to get the lights working by replacing fuses, but when that didn’t help he feared there was a short in the wire somewhere so he left it unplugged. I managed to find one box of lights at the big box store. Most everything else was sold out. 

Today, I got the ladder, I climbed back up on the roof and carefully replaced the strand that wasn’t working with the new. While I was up there I swept the leaves off the roof. All the while enjoying the view.

Once finished, after checking lights, drop cords and connections, I hit the switch and once again had lights.

 By now you  may be wondering, you’ve shared parts of this before, what does this have to do with seeking? Earlier today I saw where several different families in a neighborhood received anonymous letters berating them for the lights they had on their houses. Telling them they were being unfair to those who did not celebrate Christmas or did not have the money for lights or was different in some way shape of form.

  The writer in one sense was correct in that not everyone celebrates Christmas. Not everyone has the money or desire to string lights or decorate their yard. They were wrong in their comments that those who did, were being inconsiderate. Sadly it seems that we have lost the ability to accept the differences in others and still live our own life. Humanity is not a cookie cutter creation. We are different, with different beliefs and personalities. It is important that we understand the differences and applaud (most of) them. Be different, be you, believe in dreams and reach for stars. Just don’t step on anyone else’s hopes.

 Yes, there are those who are in need of assistance. They are struggling and maybe can’t string their own light show, but they can enjoy the displays created by others. To tell people that since not everyone can, then no one should, denies everyone the enjoyment.

 Just because someone doesn’t believe in Santa Claus, doesn’t mean that no gifts should be shared. Just because one doesn’t have unending wealth and can’t buy gifts, doesn’t mean no gifts should be shared.

 We have different beliefs, different faiths, different backgrounds. We have differences, but those differences make us special. Each should be acknowledged and encouraged. Each difference should be understood. Trying to make all the same is wrong. We do not learn and grow through the stifling of difference. 

 When we are better understanding, we see where what one has, makes up for what others do not. What one knows, fills in the blanks of what others do not. A few lights, should not make anyone feel slighted. Instead they should bring a moment of joy, bringing the inner child out to play. 

Today, I went seeking the reason for the season, I found a desire to understand and encourage different. In seeking the love for my neighbors, no matter how different they may be.

Love. My Bella waiting and watching me crawl around on the roof. Every once in a while whining as if to tell me I needed to get off the roof. Love

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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