Day 343; Footnotes of Seeking the Reason for the Season

  How, does one find good, with all that is going on around us?

 The pandemic that has gone on for most of the year and refuses to let up. Lives have been lost. Way too often we are seeing people asking for prayers for friends and family members who have tested positive and who are suffering. Some are able to wait it out at home, others end up hospitalized. Sadly, some- too many, are lost. It doesn’t matter whether there were underlying reasons, a loss is a loss and hearts are breaking.

Livelihoods have been lost. The normal way of life has been totally upended and twisted around. Do not gather, stay home, wear facial covering, social distance when ever possible. Make it possible. Lock downs are ordered, ended, began again. Frustration levels are high. Depression levels are growing increasingly worse.

 Jobs are gone. Businesses are closed. Unemployment ends and then what? People are fearful. Will evictions start for unpaid rent and mortgage? How soon will they start? Where will people go? How will they feed their family?

 School is virtual, a few days a week, some fully open, then, covid levels jump and everything changes yet again. The children miss school and miss their friends. Virtual learning is not the same. 

Politicians have let us the people down every way possible. They have promised much and delivered so very little.

 How in this, do we find good?

 We are learning more every day about the virus. Vaccines are already being given elsewhere. How far are we here in the US from having the vaccine available? How soon, before lives may be saved from the availability? In the meantime, as we work to try and take care of each other through distancing, hand washing, facial covering, self care, supplements and other ways. Many are offering support to each other. Praying for each other.

The financial. So many are fighting so hard to pay the bills and purchase the essentials that things like Christmas and gifts are the bottom of the list. That is where caring individuals come in to the picture. All across the country individuals make up groups that gather as one unit and collect donations of toys for the kids. Hundreds of people, thousands of toys.

Groups, whether church or secular, have been holding food drives and making sure people in need, do not go hungry. Even their pet’s needs are being supplied. I have seen mention of small neighborhood pantries to large scale drive through events where multiple boxes or bags are placed into the backs of cars.

 Hiring events, whether drive through or virtual are being held. Word is being passed along about openings to those who are seeking.

 The ones who may have it the most difficult, the ones most at risk are the elderly. The ones who may have limited understanding, who cannot comprehend why they are suddenly alone. Those who are in care homes, restricted and prevented from seeing family. They feel abandoned. I’ve seen where some of those places are becoming very creative in how to keep the residents active and not alone. They have become creative in ways for family to visit. While still keeping them safe.

 Then, the children. Those missing school, missing seeing their friends. Many places are trying to find ways to allow the children to go to school. To find ways for them to gather, safely. So they may be able to socialize with their peers.

How do we find the reason? We find it in the actions of others. In the actions of those who in the middle of the insanity, are trying to make things better for those around them. You see it in the kindness of those who give from their little. You see it in the kind words in those you pass. Acknowledging that we are all human and need that touch of human kindness, even if it is only in a word. How do we find the reason? We find it every time we see an act of love. Any act of love toward our fellow man.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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