December Sixth, If I Could Give a Gift

When I checked the temperature earlier, it said it was thirty degrees Fahrenheit or if that web site calculator is correct -1 Celsius. For many people, that may not seem all that cold, especially if you are acclimated to cooler temperatures. I’m not.  Still, there are different types of warmth. Yep, that is today’s gift, warmth.

 For me, there isn’t much better on a cold day than a roaring fire. We don’t have a fireplace but we do have a wood stove and even if we can’t see the flames, the heat emanating from the stove makes the house nice and cozy. I don’t have to pile on the layers to try and prevent hypothermia in my own home. Currently, said wood stove is sitting unusable due to waiting on a part for repairs. But I have a furnace and we’re warm. 

But I worry about those who are homeless, not only in the cold here, but in areas where the temperature is even lower and snow has already fallen. I am inside, I am safe, they are outside and trying to survive. When I see organizations who are doing what they are able to help those in need, it warms my heart.

Some of those who are homeless may have chosen that lifestyle, many have not. Many have found themselves out on the streets due to no fault of their own. My understanding, is once you find yourself there, it is very difficult to escape from. To get a job, you need an address, to get an address you need a job. Vicious circles.

 Along with the physical cold, there is the emotional. People who have been hurt by the acts of others. Wounded deeply and building walls to protect what is left of their heart. Fearing to open even the smallest of cracks, worried of what may happen. Afraid of more harm and hurt. All the while, their heart grows cold from the separation from others. All the while, even as they dislike the loneliness, they fear what opening up may bring. 

Mentally cold, I think, may be the worst. It is where there is conscious decisions to be cold. To set yourself apart from others in any and all ways. To see yourself as better, above, more important, than others therefore not needing or caring for others. Your mindset is arrogant and void of emotional warmth. Charles Dickens wrote a book titled A Christmas Carol, his character Scrooge, was mentally and emotionally cold. Because of various events in his life, he walked emotionless and heartless but for disdain for his fellow man. 

Today, we can say that many high dollar CEO’s and politicians may walk with that same attitude, but it is not only them. Many among us, forget we are all human with human needs. So many tend to walk in their own self-absorbed mindset that they don’t even see those around them. So many walk with cynicism as their companion that they mistrust and disbelieve that those seeking help, are truthfully in need and not operating a scam.

Some say, help the organizations who help the homeless, yes. Do that, in any way you are able, but some of those in need, due to what ever reason, do not reach out to the organizations. They may not fit the guidelines. They may be afraid of family being broken up. They may have a pet they fear will have to be surrendered. The maybe, are endless. So don’t fear helping the one, help as you are able, for that is what we have been instructed. Take care of the widows, the orphans and the helpless. Don’t ask, don’t judge, just open your heart, and share some of your warmth to those who are in need and cold. 

There is also those who aren’t homeless, who aren’t jobless, who aren’t penniless, but who feel friendless and abandoned. Those who may have lost a family member to death. Those who have had friends abandon them for what ever reason. Those who feel different, who may be different. Those who find themselves far from home. Those who are trapped at home due to the pandemic. Sometimes, a kind word, a phone call, a letter, a smile, makes all the difference. Simply letting them know, they aren’t forgotten and they are important. 

If I could give a gift, it would be warmth of the heart.

Warmth is created and shared in many ways.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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