Day340- Footnotes of Day Five of Seeking the Reason for the Season

 Was today busy enough?

 Its for sure that the hustle and bustle is definitely ramping up and things are getting more than a little crazy. If you decide to do in person shopping, best remember your list, your mask and your patience. In fact, you might want to add an extra measure of patience. 

Today was the local motorcycle toy run. My son has participated in that for the last several years. He doesn’t drive a big Harley, but that doesn’t matter, all motorcycles are accepted. Donate a toy, find your place in the crowd. I do mean crowd, the last estimate I saw was over 700 bikes in today’s ride. Since it was easier, I drove to near the gathering place and carried his donation to the trucks. As I went to drop off his donation, I passed families who has already picked up toys for their kids. Each child checking out their gift as if it were the greatest treasure. When I left there I found a place to park and waited for the bikes to pass.

 When the first sirens sounded I knew they were on the way. A few police cars, motorcycle police, the lead bikes, rental trucks carrying the toys and then the bikes. Hundreds of bikes, hundreds of bikers, waving at the crowd, tossing candy to the kids and having a blast. You could tell by the smiles. When the last of the bikes and the first responders following were past, I prepared to go finish purchasing donations for the jeep toy parade tomorrow.

When I finally was able to pull out onto the road, I was inside a very long line of traffic. The many vehicles that had been forced to wait while the bikes had pulled out were now trying to make their way to where ever they were going. It did not help that the traffic light ahead was notorious for slowing traffic coming from the direction we were traveling. Patience, practice patience. 

Finally arriving at the store I was heading for, I went in search of the most toys for the dollars I had been given. I was not surprised at the lines waiting to check out, I only hoped it wouldn’t be so bad when I was ready to check out. I’m sure that anyone checking surveillance video would wonder about me and the laps I made around the store.  I wasn’t sure what I was looking for, but nothing I was seeing called to me. I took a right and went down an aisle opposite of the huge toy display searching for something special. When I went around the corner I saw games that were great for the imagination. Scientific, artistic, creative, and not that expensive. Those would work. 

When I got up front to check out, the line was short and quick. With the purchase in the car I was ready to head out for the next stop. And take care of a favor for mom.

 My mother’s spoiled pup only eats a certain type dog food. The problem was the same with it as with many other things lately, finding it in stock. She had asked me if I were going if I would look. No, I hadn’t planned on going but I would. When I saw they did have what she needed, I loaded up with the amount she normally purchases and with one or two other items in the cart headed for the front. And lines, nice long lines. Dose of patience. I found the line with an employee checker who I knew to be quick. In the process of waiting, I spoke with the lady in line behind me. Even in the waiting, especially in the waiting, we can still be friendly. 

After I got home, and delivered the dog food, I came back to wash my Jeep. The parade is tomorrow. My bucket had a hole in it. I got water everywhere. When I tried to pour the water into a second bucket, it too had a hole in it. Patience.  I grabbed a small plastic trash can and managed to save enough to wash the car. She looks good too. I didn’t get it decorated yet, Hopefully my son will help get that done tomorrow morning. We can’t disappoint the kids waiting. 

Earlier I had told a neighbor to stop by the house, I had leftover soup for him. Moments before he was to get off work at a local park, he messaged me that he would be late as there were two people missing in the park. Lost, in the dark and cold. Thankfully, as he told later, they were smart enough, when they found a place where the trails met road, they stopped and waited. A park ranger found them and got them to their car.

 So much going on, everyone busy in a variety of ways. But how in that, do we find the reason for the season? Christmas is love.

 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. Born from love, born to show and teach love. Born to give love to all..all..Not just this group or that, or this race or the other. Love for all mankind.  He came, without hesitation leaving His Heavenly kingdom to walk among man, knowing that He would die a horrific death, payment for sin. No greater gift, is one who will lay down his life for another.

  Christmas has become so commercialized it isn’t funny. The displays begin appearing before Halloween, ads and commercials shouting what the top gift is this year. Decorations going up all over, light displays covering the towns.

 That can’t be the reason. Its fun, its delightful, its filled with wonder, but can’t be the real reason.  How do we see evidence of the reason for the season? Watching people let others in front of them in traffic. Watching shoppers let those with fewer items go first. Watching store employees go way out of their way to help shoppers. Watching as individuals and groups collect items for those who are in need, whether it is food, furniture, clothing. Watching groups collecting boxes and boxes of toys for the most innocent among us, the children. The reason for the season? Love. And it shows in the heart of the givers among us. No matter how small or large, how expensive or inexpensive. It isn’t the gift, it is the intent and heart of the giver.

It isn’t so much what is placed in the boxes, but the love that goes into the choices.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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