December Fifth; If I Could Give a Gift

I’m sitting here watching the sunlight brighten the world around me. Another day opening up, offering new adventures around every turn. If we walk with open eyes. Or the innocence of a child.

 To a child, everything is an adventure. Everything is new, exciting, different. Each new event and item something to be learned and explored. Each new individual met, a new friend to be made. Life, is one grand adventure. Right now, in the beginning of December, when the Christmas season is in full swing it is hard to keep a child calm. Their excitement levels are through the roof. From the multitude of lights strung, to store displays, to the gifts appearing under the tree. The story of the birth of Jesus shared and explained.

 Watch the expression on the faces of the children as they pass by a house, or through a neighborhood, covered in lights. Watch their eyes light up just as brightly in wonder and joy.  See their faces as they watch animated decorations move and dance as they pass.

Let it snow. Especially somewhere that it doesn’t happen often. Try to keep children calm as they watch it falling. Especially if they are in school and it means the day is about to be cut short and they sent home to play. Watch the eyes of the child seeing snow for the first time, the wonder and excitement. Watch them as they take that first step into the cold, blanket spread out across the ground. That first sled ride, that first snowman or snowball fight. Snow cream. 

Observe a child who is watching a butterfly for the first time. The mystery of the beautiful insect as it dances around the yard, from flower to flower. Maybe, just maybe even landing on the child for just a moment. That joy.

Puppies, and kittens, and chicks oh my. Baby animals of any sort are enough to send a child into overdrive of happiness. Listen, not with your ears but with your heart at the giggles and outright laughter.

 By now I’m sure you get the idea. You may be wondering, what is the point I am trying to make in this?

That gift of innocence thing is a blessing our children possess. We as adults, thinking we know so much better, tend to kill that. No, not all of us, some understand, but many think it a childish trait to be outgrown and left behind.But, we are wrong, so wrong.

If I could give a gift, it would be that childlike innocence. 

Where we would seek out the adventure. Where we would seek out and fully, completely enjoy the new and the different. Where we would take another look at things from the past with new eyes and heart. We would look at the light displays with a new understanding, we would be so ready to explore and learn and enjoy. Because there in lies learning. 

If we can happily and with full abandon play in the puddles and dance in the rain, laughing at the moment, we feel. If we can get down in the dirt and build roads and villages with the children, we share. If we can climb a tree, play childhood games, roll in the grass, we have remembered. If we can stand in the dark and look at the star filled night sky, watch a comet with wonder, we realize. If we return to the awe of the moment, the amazement of a happening, seeing through childlike eyes, we are open.

 If and when we forget these things, we become cynical and aged. Hardened to what is around us, refusing to acknowledge the wonder life really is. Yes, there are dangers, yes we need to take precautions and care in the things in which we participate. That doesn’t mean we need leave the wonder behind, locked away and forgotten. It is through the curious and wonder that great discoveries are made. It is through the wonder and acceptance, that great friendships are made. It is through the childlike innocence, trust and belief, that great strides can be made toward a better society.

Because within innocence, is love. Within innocence is hope. Within innocence is discovery. Within innocence, is life.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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