Day 338; Footnotes of Nothing Good Comes Easy

Or, did that tire really just go suddenly flat?

I recently became friends with someone who like me, deals with the lonely days of being left alone when a spouse dies. We had spent an evening not long ago, enjoying coffee and conversation and agreed we would do it again. Then, I pulled a not real bright move and in the intent to keep my dad from doing too much, helped my son rake a lot of leaves and clear part of my parent’s yard. I didn’t wear a dust mask. I’ve been paying for it ever since due to the dust stirring up my allergies in a bad way. The sinus drainage so bad I would at times sound as if I were trying to cough up a lung. No one wants to get too close to someone like that, especially now. So I took my meds and I waited it out. 

Today was a much better day and we decided to do lunch. I was going to meet him at the restaurant. Just in case I took a notion to do some shopping and he had no desire to tag along.

I got ready, when time to go arrived, I went and got in the car and started up the dirt road. My car kept beeping at me but there wasn’t any notifications showing on the dash. Until I reached where dirt road meets main road. The dash told me I needed to check tire pressure. I got out and walked behind the car to see a tire so close to flat it wasn’t funny. I managed to get turned around and back in the drive way. When I got out to check I almost watched the remaining air seep away. Yeah, that wasn’t good.

 Hurrying into the house I quickly messaged the person I was meeting and explained about the tire. I feared they were going to think I had suddenly developed cold feet. They offered to pick me up and I agreed. Lunch was actually very nice. It felt good to sit and talk about unimportant things to important. We talked about favorites and family and friends. Time passed so quickly. Was the service good and the server friendly? Yes, was the food good? Yes. Was the company better, yes. 

We did end up going over to the local mall and walk. We visited a couple shops, looked at various gift ideas and toys for a local toy drive. A couple hours after being picked up, I was dropped off at home. 

Then I got the third degree from mom because as a general rule, I don’t do this. Even my son later asked if i had been kidnapped. And my Jeep still had a flat tire. Since I wasn’t going anywhere, I decided I would work some more on the decorations inside my house. But then I wanted something that wasn’t in any of the many boxes still on my front porch. That meant going to the storage building and hoping that I didn’t scare up anything living in there. Finding the box I was looking for I carried it back to the house and finished what I wanted set up.

 My house is not that big. It isn’t designed to decorate like you see in the magazines of online. But I did the best I could with all I had to work with. One of my angel’s wings have broken off, but the way its designed it was an easy glue. Now to just let it dry and set. 

When my son finally got in from work, I went out and held the light while he removed the flat tire. He’ll take it to work with him tomorrow and see what made it go flat and make whatever repairs are needed. To thank him, I made his favorite dish.

I shared all of that, to say this, today could have gone very differently. Any one action sets off a chain of reactions. I was going to drive my car which could have meant time spent in company of a friend may have been shortened and we would have parted early. Instead a flat tire happened. I could have called and said to wait until another time. Instead I agreed to being picked up. A series of events that could have ended the day, made it better. It all depends on how we look at the situations we are presented. Not just on a lunch date but in all things.

 I had not planned on retiring at least until I had reached full retirement age, Covid changed that. I then had to decide on how I was going to handle not working. I was going to have to decide on how to budget my money and what to do with my time. 

When my husband passed away, I had to figure out how I was going to live on my own and handle things that I had not had to worry with before.

 When we are faced with challenges, especially those that come on suddenly and seem bent on ruining something nice, we have to understand that the choices we make in the face of the challenge decides how its going to go. Instead of letting a flat tire change my mind, I took a step I was unsure of and ended up glad I did. Fates were determined to make it difficult, but I’m learning better every day that I’m up for the challenge.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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