December Third; If I could give a Gift

I have reached a point where I scan headlines, only reading enough of an article to see if it is actually informative, or fear mongering. I seek real understanding and not sensationalism. Something becoming more and more difficult to find.

 Every day discussion on the pandemic fills the news. They offer mainly the dark side, the side of fear. Shut things down, stay apart, wear a face covering at all times.We are told that hospitals are full, the death rate is this high, no its this high, wait, its now gone up to this. A vaccine is coming, but the side effects aren’t good. Who will get it first, who won’t take it at all? Will society really need to show proof of having taken the vaccine before they can travel? Fear and manipulation? And the many mumble about control. Conspiracies theories, and fear of possibilities abound. 

Ever since the election talk began, lines have been drawn and sides taken. The shouting, the fighting, the accusations have been long and loud and even now, weeks later haven’t quieted. Both sides refusing to consider working together for the better good. More theories, more conspiracy, more fear. Fear is a very strong method of control.

Rumors and gossip; truths and lies, where do you find what you need? 

The economy, the once booming, everything is amazing, economy has tanked. But it could be bouncing back, maybe, but the virus, lock down. Again. People are afraid. They are going hungry, they can’t see their doctor, tests are not being had. People are at risk of losing their homes. People are having problems paying bills. They see the look in the eyes of their family members and they feel lost. Hopeless.

If I, could stand in a crowded city, or on the top of the highest mountain and send out a gift to the world, it would be hope. 

Have you seen the look in the eyes of one who has renewed hope? Where there had once been this empty, darkness of despair, a light returns. A face, drawn and weary, holds a smile. It doesn’t always take much. Many times, all it takes is recognizing they are there. They are an individual, alive and standing before you. They may be homeless, their clothing shabby, and having gone long without bathing, but they are still human. A kind word, goes far. 

Parents, struggling at this time of year, in this situation, just to feed the family, just to pay the bills, and someone, gifts their children with toys for Christmas. Organizations have wish lists for people to respond and grant. Giving at least a bit of a new outlook to those in need. Those wish lists? Many I have read are of essentials, food, clothing, bills paid.

 You see the reports of people who feed hundreds, or places that open doors to get dozens out of the cold, and you think, I can’t do that. Do not let limitations stop you. One, is just as important as many. The story of the person walking on a beach covered with hundreds of starfish, tossing them one by one back into the sea. A person comes along and tells them, you can’t save them all. Where as the person picks up a starfish and tossed it back into the water, turns and says, I made a difference for that one. All it takes is effort and compassion. The desire to make a difference for the one, or the many.

 If I could give the gift of hope. I would give it in a way that those who can help, in any way, do help. Just as the pandemic spread, I would wish for hope to do the same. Through kindness, compassion, caring, friendship, all the emotions that share light. That one person, would reach out to lift up another who has stumbled, then that one in turn would reach out to lift up another. We’ve seen it done in fast food restaurants, where one pays for the next, lets offer that moment of hope to the person we see in need. To the society around us in the desire for hope to grow.

 Facial coverings prevent us from seeing the expressions of those we pass, but we can see their eyes. They are indeed the gateway to the soul. You can see whether there is a smile or sadness within. To offer a moment of hope, may be all they need to keep going. It may be exactly what they need, to keep going.Hope, is a four letter word that we need right now. Hope is a vaccine for the fear, a supplement for the soul, an increase of strength for the heart. It is a way, we can help each other as we help our society.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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