December First; If I could give a gift to the World. I Would Give Calm.

Calm? Gentle, peaceful, relaxing, calm. 

I’m sitting here watching the sun as it rises to clear the trees. The bright light pushing back any minute shreds of night that may be left anywhere. Yet the shadows created stretch outward and away. The frosted glass of the windows reminding me, Winter approaches. It is December. The final month of a truly odd year finally arriving. In this month that puts the thoughts of giving on our mind, if I could stand on a the top of the highest mountain and offer a gift to the world, it would be calm.

 In the midst of all that has happened, in the center of all that is going on, calm. The ability to look out at the mess around us and remain in full control. How?  How does one remain in control when by all appearances the world is crumbling around them? 

When one has worked hard all their life to have a career yanked out from under their feet, leaving them adrift and confused. How do they remain calm? Many qualify for their state’s unemployment, but some do not. As many sit and see the many businesses closing around them and wonder, how will they survive. The fears pile up one by one. How will they provide for their family and for themselves? How will the bills that still come every month be paid? Where will that next meal come from, when the cabinets are empty? What will you do when everyone is bored but there are limits placed on where you can go and what you can do.  Anxieties that had never been felt before, now like a dormant dragon raise their head and threaten with fires of despair and depression.

 When so many are trapped at home and home has lost the feeling a comfort and become more like a prison. When the kids can’t go to school or can’t go to the park and run off excess energy, then what? When all you can do is pace the limited floor space and peer out windows at a world in lock down. Then what?

 How do you control frustrations? How do you remain at peace with life? When life has taken a turn like you have never seen before?

 I think that it would be all too easy for people to take a looking out for number one mentality. I think, sadly, many have. That would explain the toilet paper and disinfecting supply shortage. Many though, does not mean all.

 If I were to be able, to stand on that mountain top and share the gift of calm, maybe in that moment, the most worried and afraid would be able to see. Maybe, their mind would slow enough from the frantic thoughts and understand.

 People, individuals and groups, have been stepping up their caring game. Food banks have opened where none were before. Churches and other organizations, have been given donations and hold drive through events, filling the trunks of cars with groceries. 

Those businesses that have remained open and are picking up, those that are beginning to reopen, are holding online hiring events and drive through events, seeking employees. Some even offer those work from home jobs.

 Parks have opened again. They ask only that you act responsibly around others.

 Churches have various ways to meet the needs of their members. Some have returned to being fully open, some have special areas for meeting, some are outdoors and some, online.All making sure to be compassionate toward the needs and concerns of their members.

 Talk is ongoing about the pandemic and the coming vaccines. All the while the information and knowledge on the virus grows and teaches us what to do and how to act to stay safe. 

There are facilities that offer information and help with the emotional side of this mess. 

This year, has brought us more than a pandemic.

It has brought about a division among us worse than anything seen in years. Where we thought we had been healing from past hurts. Where we thought we had gone beyond past wrongs. Where we thought we had grown closer to becoming one. All that was tossed away and we became a divided people.Not only among the races, but the age, the financial, the anything and everything you could list.

Names have been called, destruction rampant, ugliness that was unheard of here, happened. A seed of descension planted and problems grew. It seemed that all reason and common sense was tossed out the window. 

There was an election. Another thing meant to create division, confusion and diversion.

Things have been happening all over the world, some that we were told about, some kept hidden. This year, has not been a USA only event. Everything that has happened, everywhere it has happened, effects us all.  Yet it seems that news agencies are meant only to create fear and no longer inform without taking sides.

 While there are many who are at a loss and confused over what this year has been and continues to throw at us, there is yet hope. As this year winds down, as we put it behind us, have faith, that the coming year will be better.

Before anyone wonders, how can you understand the feelings of those facing any of what is mentioned here, I will explain and remind.
 In March I lost a job that I had held for nearly thirty years. I was less than five months away from that anniversary. I am sixty-three years old, older than I want to be in searching for and starting all over again in a new career field, but, willing. I currently have no health insurance, in the midst of a pandemic. The Cobra insurance I could have gotten? It was either take that, or pay bills, I chose paying my bills. Yes, it was that expensive. All of my unemployment benefits have fun out. I was scratching by on $233 a week. So yes, I do understand.

 How have I, remained calm in all this? Faith. Trust. Belief. Hope. I have seen God work before. I have been on the receiving end of His grace and mercies in the past and currently. When my husband first lost his job, we were provided for. When I lost my husband, I was provided for. Through this time of sorrows, I have not done without. For me, prayer is not my wish list to God, but one of thanksgiving and petition. Prayers for those in need, and thankful for the mercies shown me.

December first, in a month of giving. If I could, I would give, calm.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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