November Twenty-seventh; For What Small Thing Used Daily am I Thankful?

Someone must have been reaching here, running out of ideas after a month of prompts. But, I’m sure I can come up with something.

I’m trying to decide, how to determine, small. Compared to an eighteen wheeler, my Jeep Compass is small. Compared to The Biltmore House in Asheville, NC, my house is small. But then, Compared to my Jeep, a Mini Cooper is a small car. So its all in perspective.

What, or rather, how small, is small? Before I purchased my Jeep I drove a hulking 1999 Ford Explorer. I loved that vehicle. That thing took me where I needed to go and then some. With its four wheel drive I had no worries about weather. Then, it began showing its age and demanding more and more upkeep. I figured it I were going to have to put money into something, it might as well be new. Hence, the Jeep. Which is less than half the size of the Explorer and nowhere near as high off the ground. I had to make adjustments and quickly. Now after having had it several years and being adjusted for the most part to the differences, I love this thing. The gas mileage is amazing, and its a nice color. It gets me where I need to go and is very dependable. 

Much smaller than that, is my coffee mug. The one I use the most often is one that had belonged to my grandmother. As much coffee as I consume on a daily basis (can we say two pots?) this mug is in constant use. But am I actually thankful for the mug? You can drink coffee out of almost anything. I am thankful for the memories of my grandmother that come with the mug though, I guess that counts.

 My cell phone is kinda small. It keeps me connected with the ones I need to be while out. It gives me a handy camera for those unexpected shots. It gives me a wonderful way to annoy my son. Oh, and its a pretty good tool for communication. 

My debit card, is smaller than the phone and used almost daily. Too often for right now. But it does make things easier.

 Then, there are the pens that are often scattered across my desk, on the kitchen table or buried deep in my purse. I, am a note taker. Let inspiration strike, let someone call with message, let me start doing research for any project or reason and I’m jotting notes. I prefer a certain pen but am not so picky that I can’t use others. So I am thankful for pens because I have so much going on in my head at any given moment remembering it all or keeping it all straight is nearly impossible on a good day. 

Batteries, batteries are small, some even smaller than the small ones but pack a punch. It seems that nearly everything coming and going takes batteries these days. From those button type to the big size D. Then there are the batteries that are in our electronics and phones. Without the power, nothing works. As many batteries that I purchase over the course of the year I wish I had investments in the factory.

 Smaller yet, are my contacts. Now here, honest and true, is something I am thankful for (even as I really dislike them). I had sworn for years that I would never be able to wear contacts as I hated anything in my eyes. The least bit of dust sent me scrambling from some way to clear my eyes.

 Then I began having issues seeing. I would go every year for my exams, I’d get new glasses and when the arrived, be very disappointed as I wasn’t seeing any better. I tried several different doctors. I finally made an appointment at the place where my husband had started going. My first visit the doctor caught the problem. An issue with the shape of my eyes. The only thing that would help would be rigid contacts. The minute he put them test pair in my eyes, everything changed. They weren’t even my prescription but the whole world was suddenly clearer and the way I remembered. Nothing fuzzy, nothing unclear, nothing but good, sharp, images that had me excited. His diagnoses confirmed, I knew I was headed for contacts.

 When they finally came in, I was given all the instructions necessary for a first time user to know. I was told to wear them at least so many hours a day to adjust. I had to learn how to get them in my eyes without stabbing myself. I had to learn how to get them out without taking the eye with the contact. But the world, oh the world was beautiful again. I do need readers to go along with the contacts, which my husband thought odd. I held my arm out and told him from the elbow out, everything was clear. From the elbow back, everything was blurry. So, readers it was.

 Every day, I reach for that case and prepare to see clearly again. Sometimes, it takes more than one attempt as if I don’t get that contact in just right, it feels as if I just poked my eye with a hot needle coated in sand that spread out in a wave. Once everything is right, then I’m blessed to see the world sharp and clear. So yes, the contacts would be the small thing I use daily for which I am thankful.

But before I hit publish, I also need to consider another small. It isn’t something I use every day, but thanks to it, there are things to be used. One of our many pollinators, the bee. If it were not for these small creatures, flying from flower to flower, we would be in a sad shape food wise. Traveling from flower to flower, be they vegetable, fruit of ornamental, the transport and deposit the pollen needed to create the fruit of their labors. Very small, but largely endangered.

So how small is small and why are you thankful?

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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