November Twenty-fifth; What Moment This Week am I Thankful For?

How long, is a moment? Is a moment an increment of time, or an incident? And how, does one decide on one? I’m sitting here, looking at my calendar spread out on my desk. Each day has notations and reminders. I’m even getting better at paying attention to those. As I look at it, I try to think of something more monumentous than the rest. I’m thinking that I could add this topic as a part of yesterday’s challenge blog. I don’t know, that I can think of one particular moment that I am more thankful for than others.

 First thing in the morning, when I awaken and realize I have been given another day. When I hear my dog Molly barking to let us know she wants out, and Bella’s grumbling grunts as she stretches, ready now to go outside herself. Walking barefoot through the house, feeling the cool of the morning and even more so, when I open that front door. Hearing the loud rumbling, growl of my son’s car as he leaves for work. When I smell the coffee brewing. Each morning a gift and blessing. 

As I go through the day, every day, ordinary things that I have readily available. Walking through my home, taking that early morning shower and dressing in clean clothing. Food in the kitchen ready to be prepared. There are so many, who do not have this. Not only the homeless, but those who have careers that have them always out there somewhere. Members of the military service who find themselves in conditions most of us can’t being to imagine. Long haul truck drivers who make sure everything that is needed to keep this country supplied. (Oh yes, for them it is a battle just to find a place to park that truck and get some rest. This pandemic has places they would find food, shutting down. Same for those showers- that have to be paid for by the way.) 

Even though I don’t go outside as much during the cooler months, I know what is out there. I know the expanse of woods that calls to me and brings feelings of peace and healing. I go to the local park for exercise, I walk these woods for the calm. Looking out my windows, I look across my backyard and remember. I recall growing up here, of spending vast amounts of time out there, exploring, playing, growing.

 When I stand on my porch and glance down the road, I see the homes of family close. We look out for each other. I’ve lost count how many times, I have been helped, or have offered help. We share and share alike. We don’t agree on all things, but we can accept that we agree to disagree and remain family. 

Still, the prompt of the day, is, what moment this week. The week is still young, who is to say something better won’t happen? But still…

 Here lately I have seen some amazing sunsets. While due to where my house sits, my views are limited, I don’t see vast expanses of the colors, but I see enough to appreciate and enjoy. I  have hustled several times to grab my camera and try to capture that painting across the sky. One can try, but the photos rarely do them justice. 

During warm moments, sitting outside, enjoying life here on a dirt road, brings peace. Even if the neighbor’s band is playing, even if other neighbors are having a rough moment, even if my dogs are excited over one of the stray cats, there is still the peace that is this place. Several times this past summer, I have sat out back with a fire burning in a store bought fire pit. As the sky darkened and the night came to life with the sounds of the woodland critters, it was nice. Often I wished for there to be someone else out there with me, but even then, there was a quiet enjoyment of simply being.

 But, one, particular, special moment, this week. It would have to be, without a doubt, the moment I told my mother that I had officially retired. I had taken the appointed call, spoke with the representative, made the decision. It was a done deal. The undeniable sound of relief in her voice, warmed my heart and made me feel a degree of guilt that I had ever thought otherwise.

So even with all of the other moments that have been and continue to be times I am thankful for, that one beats them all. What about you? What is your thankful moment?

One small section of sky, I can only imagine what the rest looked like

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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