Day325; Mission Accomplished, but Not Over

  I knew this morning, it was going to be game on.

I had been given several options to try in my quest for optimizing my toy purchasing budget and I was ready.

 I wanted to check the local dollar store first. For two reasons, one for toys and two for ideas on how to decorate my jeep for the parade. I left without purchasing anything.

 I then went to a store that had been highly recommended in the list. I found the place easily, and that is saying a lot for me. I will readily admit that I get lost easily, but not this time. I parked the car and went inside. They had table after table of toys, but these were toys were at a price range it would have severely limited my purchase power. I didn’t check out any of the other things available there, as I was on a toy mission, the rest would be another trip.

 Leaving there I headed for the next on the list- but first I needed to fill the Jeep with gas. One thing about not going much, I don’t need near as much gas, so I tend to let it get low. Obviously I wasn’t the only one as there was a line waiting at the pumps. But, I have nothing but time. Fueled up and on my way again, I headed for the next stop.

 Once in the building I made a wandering loop around the store and through the toy displays. I saw some good possibilities but decided to wait and maybe come back later. 

The next store, was pay dirt. This was the store I had that fifteen percent off entire order coupon. Grabbing a cart I began filling it up. I tried to choose carefully and fairly. Toys for ages from infants and up went in the cart. As I made one final circle around I saw it. Standing on the shelf, looking at me with those big glass eyes as if pleading. I had to add that big, purple, unicorn to the top of the pile.
 Then I took my place in the line that stretched back across the store. I didn’t mind. I have nothing but time. When it finally came my turn I began placing the items on the counter. I had shown her my membership card already when she asked if I had any coupons. I had it already brought up on the phone and held it out for her to scan. Then one by one she rang up each toy. When she finished that the register went to work on the discounts. I saved over sixteen dollars.

 Taking that bunch to the car, I loaded them up and covered them up. I returned the cart to the store and then moved to my next target store, right next door. Cart before me I made my way to the toys. Again, I was careful. I wanted fun toys but not necessarily the most expensive. Keeping my budget in mind I didn’t purchase as much. But I was still pleased with my toy haul.

 I needed to purchase groceries, but I didn’t want to risk going in for that long with that many toys in my car, covered or not. So, I carried all the toys home and unloaded them, then went back for groceries.

 Back at the big box store I was searching for one particular toy that the donor had mentioned. As I headed for the toys I passed by the clothing. I’ll admit I have a weakness for two things, sweaters and boots. They had new sweaters. I now have new sweaters, but not that particular toy. Groceries bought and home I decided to be brave and take a chance on something.

Reaching out to a friend, I ended up sitting in the Cracker Barrel enjoying a meal and long conversation over coffee.
 While there I saw a friend I hadn’t seen in a very long while. When they went to leave they stopped by the table were I was and warned the friend to be careful around me, he could tell stories. In the end though he gave me a donation for more toys.

 My mission is no where near over. I’m still going to be reminding, hinting, pestering friends to help fill my Jeep with toys. Toys donated are wonderful, money is fine as well, because I have a plan for this mission and I have nothing but time…and its for the kids.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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