November Nineteenth; For What Touch am I Thankful?

Now this one, has a different feel (sorry) to the word. Touch also has emotion connected to it in my mind.

 1)Touch, thought first as a physical act.

You reach out and touch an object with your fingers. You feel the person or thing in which you are touching. That touch differentiates between whether what you feel is soft, hard, smooth, rough, cold, hot or any of the many other adjectives and descriptions of which one can think.  Touch is a warning. That burner, that fire, is hot. You will get hurt badly if you don’t remove your hand.

The touch of weather on your skin alerts you to your needs for preparation. If its raining, an umbrella. If its warm, shorts. If its really cold, you are at risk of frostbite, bundle up. Touch is an expression 

It is not always a good expression, especially when one is angry and chooses to slap or punch the one who angered them, or who they seek to do harm. 

It is though, a tender expression when you cup the face of one you love. When you cradle a new born in your arms and gently brush a finger across their face. An expression of joy when that new puppy or kitten snuggles in close, trusting your hands to be tender. It is a way of survival. 

When one has vision difficulties of any degree, the sense of touch allows them freedom to move about. The Braille alphabet allowing them to know information necessary to use everyday things that a sighted person takes for granted.  

Touch brings enjoyment. It allows you to feel the hot sand of the beach and the cool ocean waves. You can feel the beasts of the sea when they brush past. You can feel the summer breeze as it touches your skin and the splash of mountain stream water on your legs. The brief, brush of a snowflake on your cheek. The closeness of hearts when wrapped in the arms of a loved one.

2) Touch is also an emotional act.

 Those folks in advertising years ago had it right when they used the slogan, ‘reach out and touch someone’ because that phone call is a touch. It is a special, more personal way of getting in touch and staying in touch with those important to you. The sound of one’s voice, especially if there is a distance of miles or time between individuals, that touches and revives the spirit within. 

When that touch is removed, for what ever reason, it can be devastating. Your mind, so accustomed to that touch, has an actual physical reaction to the loss. While it seeks to rewire itself there can be very real physical symptoms akin to a withdrawal. Touch and all that goes with it in relationships creates those many feel good endorphins in the brain. When that relationship is ended, those endorphins do as well.

 The memory of touch, is ever lasting. You remember and can actually feel in those memories, the last time you felt the physical touch, the last time you were connected by voice over a phone. You can feel, that brush of lips on lips and a brush of a hand across a cheek.

3) Touch is an intellectual act.   

We learn from the touch of our parents. We learn love, we learn trust, we learn discipline. We learn we are safe and what makes us unsafe by their guidance of grip. 

Most have had a teacher or instructor who through various methods touched our mind, inspired us to explore and investigate. Who caused us to strive harder to know and accomplish more. 

There are spiritual leaders who through right teaching and sharing touch a part of our soul, guiding us to seek a closer relationship with a Lord we believe and have faith in. 

Touch, to be fair, you have to consider it from all perspectives. Our physical self, is definitely connected to our inner mental and spiritual, self. What our fingers touch, our mind and heart feel. To honestly answer the question, for what touch, I am thankful that the course of life I have been on, has not created a wall in which to hide behind. That I do still feel the results of touch on my heart and mind. That I have not grown afraid, to reach out and touch life and experience it to the best of my abilities.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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