Day 322; Footnotes of Gratefulness

He tested positive. After all the precautions, after the staying home, the face coverings, the washing hands repeatedly, he still got the virus. 

Saturday he looked horrible. My son who simply doesn’t get sick, looked and acted sick. You could see it in his eyes. That overly tired, drawn look.

 Sunday was no better. He now, could no longer smell or taste anything.

 Monday, he went online and made the appointment. That afternoon he went to the drive through for testing. Monday evening he got the email. He had tested positive. He and I were now quarantined.He called where he worked and let them know. Thankfully, with me out of work, there was no worry for me.

 Monday night, he had a rough night sleeping, he had to be in a certain position to be able to breathe easily.

Then, he seemed okay, but for the the loss of the sense of taste and smell. Which seriously messed with his appetite.  He would be hungry one minute and disgusted at food the next. He said it was like a game show, spin the wheel and get, starved or nope. He was astute enough to keep fluids in his system. I, being mom, about drove him crazy asking if he was hungry and what he thought he might want to eat. His honest, “I don’t know” was frustrating. How is someone supposed to keep their strength up, when they won’t eat? But he did eat some, enough I imagine.

 He seemed to have periods of just being tired, he would disappear into his room for hours on end. The quiet a bit unnerving, but I allowed him to get the rest his body needed. 

By Thursday you could tell he was feeling better. His physical appearance was brighter, he looked more like the rugged, mechanic man he is. You could see his strength returning. With each day, he was becoming more and more himself. His frustration was with the lack of his sense of smell. His sense of taste has returned days prior. 

By Friday he was teasing and annoying me relentlessly. Dogging my every step and talking over me when I was talking with his grandmother. If I had not known she would hurt me over him, I would have thrown something at him. But, he knows the power of Grandma, and that he was safe from any projectiles coming in his direction. With each day passing he began eating better. It makes a mama feel proud to see that cleaned plate and no leftovers.

 Today, he was outside using his leaf blower to try and clean up some of the front yard. When I wouldn’t go out with him, he only did so much and stopped. I was in here letting him burn off some of the pent up energy so he wouldn’t turn once again to annoying me. 

Tomorrow, he can return to work finally. Tomorrow, he will return to work. He has a tomorrow. He walked into that valley and has walked out the other side. His journey was not nearly as difficult as others. He did not need hospitalization. His symptoms mild compared to what others have endured. To my knowledge, he never once ran a fever. He didn’t cough. But for one who loves to eat as he does, that loss of those two senses, really messed with his appetite and that for him was frustrating. To not know if you were hungry and if you really wanted to eat when you couldn’t taste anything. 

While he had believed Covid was real, he did not take it as seriously as I thought he should. He would make jokes around me that he knew annoyed me. He would act frustrated about not getting it, thinking he would gain immunity from having it. He did and still does, prescribe to the herd mentality. I wonder what he thinks of it now, that he has walked that road?

 So far for me, I’m fine. I’ve had no symptoms, no problems. I’ll keep taking those mega doses of supplements and all of the other precautions. Tomorrow, when my son goes back to work, I’ll give the house a serious, sanitizing cleaning. More than what it has gotten every day since he came in with it. But I am so very thankful, that he is okay. I’m so thankful, that I haven’t had issues. I’m so thankful, that it was no worse than what it was. With this heart of gladness for his returned good health, I pray he stays that way.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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