November Fifteenth; For Which Season am I Thankful?

When I think of seasons, the four seasons of the year naturally pop into my mind first. But, wait, there is more.

1) Considering the yearly seasons.

  a) Winter, not actually a favorite because of the cold temperatures. But that is me, because I don’t do anything below seventy degrees well. I do however love snow; when I don’t have to try to drive, when there is even one flake on the roadway. I do however love dressing up as if I’m heading into the frozen arctic and trekking out into the snow covered woods for photographs. The snow creating a buffer, silencing everything but the crunch of the snow under my feet. Me, the person who does not like being cold, whose entire body aches for hours if I get too cold, can lose all track of time while photographing snow scenes. I have returned home with fingers that hurt so badly that trying to straighten them is agony. But then a second good thing about Winter, wood stoves and the wonderful warmth a wood fueled fire produces.

 b) Spring, the beginning of the return to warm days. The explosion of life returning. Fields full of wildflowers, blue skies and days beginning to grow longer. Days when I begin to clear the yard of winter’s debris. When I can look forward to packing away the winter gear for a while. 

c) Summer. If I had to pick a favorite, summer wins hands down. I could write why I love summer until I what I wrote rivaled the length of the War and Peace novel. Between being able to spend long hours outside, from doing nothing more than sitting on the porch enjoying my coffee to trekking nature’s bounty. Gardens of vegetables, to beds filled with flowers growing. Smaller laundry loads due to less clothing needed. Simple things.

d) Autumn, the time when nature goes all out and gives us that spectacular showing of colors. When every tree, bush and plant shows off one last time before shedding their foliage for that time of rest. The time when you can walk through woods and enjoy the aromas of nature, the actual feel of the coming time of rest.

I did say, that while those are possibly the first seasons that comes to mind, there are others. In no particular order, I present for your consideration the following.

1) Silly Season.

1 : a period (such as late summer) when the mass media often focus on trivial or frivolous matters for lack of major news stories 2 : a period marked by frivolous, outlandish, or illogical activity or behavior
  Thank you Merriam-Webster online for this definition.

While not a die hard sports fan myself, just being alive means I am going to hear things. With a son who is a die hard NASCAR fan, I have heard the term silly season. For this sport, it is when the guessing games begin and the shifting happens as participants of the sport shifts and moves about among the various teams and organizations.

2) Political
(see above) Okay, maybe not. This is the time when that bumper crop of signs appear everywhere you look. Springing up in yards, along roadways, in front of businesses quickly and in abundance. All forms of media are filled with this for weeks or longer. Seemingly ending on a set date, but in truth, never really ends.

3) Hunting Season 

When all manner of people dress oddly and pick up various weaponry, then head out into the woods. Once there, they pick their spot, whether behind a concealing blind, or up in a tree and wait. Their anticipation is that the prey of the moment will wander along fulfilling their hope for a kill.

Now, as an aside here. I hunt with my camera, I know the anticipation and hope but in a different vein. I have no animosity toward those who hunt for food and do everything legally. Those who trophy hunt, I hold in full disdain.

4) Shopping Season

oh wait, that’s an all year thing, just with different products of the moment.

5) Fishing Season 

Which is another thing that can be done year round should you choose. Personally I can think of better things to do than sit on ice hoping to catch a fish, but to each his own. I do, however enjoy fishing. My dad taught me and my brothers how to fish as soon as we were able to hold a cane pole. Not only do I know how to fish, I can string a line, find my own and bait a hook, catch, clean and cook my own fish. Go me!

6)Food Seasons 

Really? Oh yes. Various foods have their seasons. Like pumpkin which personally I think only belongs in a pie. Blackberry or strawberry seasons are good, especially when you can go straight and pick them yourself.

7) Holiday Seasons 

Each holiday has their own expressions. Especially in retail stores. In the mind and heart though, we feel each one differently. No matter where you are from or reside, each special day has its own special emotions wrapped around it.

8) Sports 

Each sport has an area of time. Whether it is baseball, basketball, football, high school college, or pro, the games are held during specific months. Each have a certain number of games to be played heading into the championship games of the sport. These are just a few mentioned as I know there are as many various sports played as there are creative minds to come up with them. For example, skate boarding.

Here, as I sit writing this, I am in the midst of a foggy, leaf falling season. The grounds around my home that I so carefully cleared back in March is now blanketed in leaves. Most are now brown devoid of any color while a few still sport remnants of reds and  yellows.

 Do I have a favorite season? I do, it is one I dream of often. A season of peace. Where humanity acknowledges each other, and the importance we all have, even and especially in our differences. That we learn and hold respect for each other and the positions we hold important. When we can walk safely down the street or sit without care in our own yard, in the park or at the beach. When we greet each other with a smile. A season and time of peace and love.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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