Day 318; Footnotes of a Not Unlucky Day

 Friday the thirteenth, it’s supposed to be a bad luck day. I mean, they even made a series of movies about it. While I am not superstitious per say, I do like to note the day and poke fun. But not with someone who IS superstitious. That could get ugly very fast. But I have already discussed the connotations of the day, in an earlier blog. So we will leave that there. 

Instead we will discuss turning a supposed to be bad day good.

I am part of a group called Just Jeepin’ for a Cause, which is a charity based group. One event planned is collecting new toys for Toys for Tots. Collection boxes have been staged at various places of business and will be set up at every event between now and the actual toy run. I myself, have a plan, a hope, a dream, that I will be able to fill the back of my Jeep Compass with toys. I took advantage of a sale someone mentioned the other day and was able today, to purchase a few toys at a discount.

If I am honest though, I know that I cannot do this all on my own, so I will be reminding and asking friends and hope for donations. It doesn’t matter the gift, these will be going to kids that otherwise might not get anything at all. I’ve watched my son participate in toy runs put on by local motorcycle groups. I’ve watched the faces of the kids when they leave the trucks holding that new toy. I’ve seen the expressions on the faces of their parent or guardians as they watch the kids. It wasn’t the toy as much as it was they got one.

So the toys I got today, I am considering as seed toys in the hopes of drawing more.

I did also manage to get my groceries. While in the store, I remembered and found a relatively inexpensive timer for my outside lights since I still have not found the one I had. I’ll probably find it some time after Christmas when I go to put everything away. 

The real fun though. The part of the day that made it special. Was when I saw I still had enough daylight left, grabbed my camera and hit the woods. I knew I had time to get out there for a walk and take some photos along the way. The ground was still very wet and the fallen leaves slick as glass, meaning I had to take care walking the path down the hill. I captured the various colors remaining as I went.

A walk around the pond and across the bridge, enjoying the alternating sounds of wildlife and quiet. At times the only sound were my footsteps in the leaves. I made my way along the familiar trails, enjoying the smells that can only be found there. When I stepped out of the woods and into a clearing the setting sun nearly blinded me. For long moments all I saw were the big spots of light dancing across my vision.

 I made my way up the dirt road on which I live, dodging the puddles and watching for colors or patterns that caught my eye. Reaching where my summer garden had been I was pleased to discover a few sweet peppers waiting for me. 

Once home, I removed the hidden USB cable and uploaded the pictures to the computer. Once complete, I returned the cable to its hiding spot. It is the only way I can keep one as my son has a not so lovely habit of borrowing but not returning until I ask.
 How did my quest for photos turn out? I’ll let you be the judge. Do you have a favorite?

These are only a few of what was captured. The color while fading, is still there for a little while longer. I may not capture mountainside shots of vast color schemes, but to me, these are nice as well.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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