November Thirteenth; For Which Abilities am I Thankful?

 This one, is going to be fun. Because this topic can be looked at from all those different angles and this one is even plural.

1) Work
Okay, so I’m no longer actually working a paid job, so this would be for when I was, or should I again. 

a) Punctuality. With the rare exception of a scheduled event, I was always on time. In fact, I was usually a half hour early most days. It has always been difficult for me to arrive somewhere late, I spend the day feeling as if I’m trying to catch up. 

b) Getting along. No matter where you may work the people you work with, are each and every one individuals. It is vital to be able to get along with a variety of personalities. To learn how each act and react in situations and circumstances. If you are in a position of leadership in any form, to learn how to guide more than herd.  1) If you work in a public form, to be able to do your job in a way that the customer, patient, individual, you are dealing with is taken care of and satisfied.

 c) Quality. To be able, no matter what the job is, to produce a top notch product or service. 

d) To not be afraid to push your limits and to think outside the box. To be creative.

2) Family and home

  a) To be able to take care of family no matter the issues. Whether one is sick, one needs encouraging, one simply needs company. To recognize and discern the difference between when one is teasing or spoiling for an argument. To hold extended family as close as possible and when not, always love those who stand in the distance.

 b)To be able, even when caring for family, to care for the home. Keeping it moving as smoothly as possible. Managing all that needs doing as far as responsibilities an upkeep. To be able to share chores and plan for needs.

 c) To be able, to learn and do the things needed to maintain a home and if applicable yard.

3) Pets

 a) To love back as much as they love you. To be able to look into the eyes of that family member whether it has fun, feathers or other, and see the depth of compassion within. To watch with understanding and wonder as they show in their actions that love. 

b) To be the responsible one, making sure they get the care they need. Whether it is making sure they have the food and water needed, the exercise required or the visits to the vet. 

c) To know, pets are family, a life long endeavor and are not disposable.

4)Personal   And here, is the fun one. Here, I get to so some of that deeper introspection stuff. For what abilities here, am I thankful?

 a) Patience, okay, so I haven’t perfected this one, I am much better than I was. I have learned to wait more calmly in lines and when dealing with issues involving customer service situations.

 b) To be content. It took the death of my husband and the loss of my job to teach me this one. Over the course of the last nearly four years, I have learned to be content in solitude. Over the course of the last nearly eight months, I have learned to be content with what I have.

 c) Grateful. Sort of like the above and yet different. I am grateful for where I live and the space I have to roam and enjoy. I am grateful for a son who helps me and knows when to distract me from worries. I am grateful that our needs have been met and we have not done without.

 d)Photography. While I am no professional, I find the beauty in the simple things as well as the more grandiose. Seeking out things to photograph teaches me to be more observant. It has taught me how to see the color, movement and emotions in the mundane and simple.  The knowledge that color or lack of can bring out emotions and touch a heart as much as music. 

e) Writing. To be able to sit down and bleed words onto the page. To be able to express thought, emotions, ideas, knowledge in a way that is understandable. To write and to touch through those words, the mind of others, sparking their own creative endeavors or answering a question. To write, and to create a temporary escape to another place and time. 

f) To be who am I and not allow outside forces to alter that. To not allow superstitions to have affect on my thoughts and actions. Well, except that walking under the ladder thing, but then that is actually just common sense.

g) To love in spite of all that has happened in my life. To hold out the belief that love does exist, is possible and is waiting. To love in more ways than simply physical. To know that real love evolves slowly and through the time spent with and learning about the other. To refuse to believe, hope, and dream of a someday.


For what abilities am I thankful? For the abilities that are required to be who I am. To be me and not a counterfeit someone else. To stand strong, confident and yet, compassionate. To know when and what to share, and to know and be able to stand quiet. To be able to be the mother, coworker, friend for which I was designed.

And you, what about you? For which abilities are you thankful?

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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