November ninth; For What Place am I Thankful

I sit here looking at this topic of the day, and even the list for the days ahead and think, maybe I should be able to pick one book, one color, one place, but when so many have left an impact on the heart, how? Yes, we have our favorite one of just about anything, but this list doesn’t say favorite. This list says for what place are you thankful and it vague enough to leave choices wide open. So here we go.

While it definitely isn’t a favorite place, the hospital is one I am thankful for due to how needed it is. Same with police stations even though they serve different purposes. No, on second thought it is somewhat the same, saving lives when needed. Fire and paramedic stations- same purpose.

Libraries for the wealth of knowledge and escape portals held within the walls.

Grandma’s house, because of the amount of love causes walls to bow outward and flow into the surrounding yard.

School, for the many stages of learning. Broadening the mind, discovering social norms, the mechanics of sports and physical activities. From trade schools to the institutions that give us lawyers, company CEO’s and doctors to name a very few.

Any place of employment. The variation here is vast, from working with one’s hands to working with one’s mind. From saving cars to saving lives. Where spending hours a day, doing what it takes to earn a pay to cover the expenses of life and hopefully a few nonessential things. A place where one creates a product or service that others want or need. A place, that provides.

Museums or other places to enjoy the arts. From great paintings to plays to live concerts of any variety. The places where the mind can be expanded through the artistic expression of others. You may not understand what the painter or sculptor was trying to say, or the message that may be threaded within the lines of a play, but if you allow, you could gain a greater appreciation for the end product.

Churches, the ones where the members in truth belief, reach out to their fellow man in love. Those whose belief is strong and they shine the light of Whom they believe. The ones where the members not only take care of their own, but any of whom they find in need.

Any vacation spot where we can escape from the every day. From the domestic to the foreign lands. From the mountains to the sea. The activities we occupy our time with while on vacation a temporary distraction.

And of course, home. I have made no secret ever, in the love I have for this place and the memories that fill every inch of space. Simply walking out my back door brings a recollection and smile. I realize that my case is somewhat unusual, while there are some so blessed, not many live in the home in which they grew up. I know, there are those whose life was such that if they had their wish, they could burn the place down. Here though, we’ll go for middle ground, those who have good memories and while they don’t live there, may still be able to physically return for a visit. Some, who can only return in their memories. A place filled with love and laughter. Where those special moments live on through out time. Where the adventures and misadventures of childhood fill the walls and spill out across the ground. Where a walk around the block brings back memories of friends long moved on, or those with whom you are still in contact.

If I want to reach out even further and grander, the planet Earth. The place where at humanity calls its residence. The third rock from the sun as one singer dubbed it, where plant, animal, and human life abounds. If only we could live together better, with more respect and responsibility for our actions. Still, that does not end my thankfulness for our planet, and all of the smaller places spread out upon its ground

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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