In The Month of Thankfulness, for which food are you thankful?

 The list that I am getting these from, seems to have a cruel streak. How does one pick just one? How do you eat one chip, one cookie, one fry? It isn’t possible. So how do you pick one food? And are we even talking about food for the body, or food for the mind or spirit? Which, by the way, makes it even more difficult. Lets just break it down.

Food for the body.

 There has to be a division here as well..

A) Food that I prepare. While I tend to fluctuate between the healthy and the less healthy meals, I have found some that will fit into both categories. I do enjoy a good pot of chili. Maybe mine is more like soup as I fill it depending on my mood, with a variety of spices and vegetables. I have made it with beef, chicken, turkey and venison, or a combination. I have added garlic or garlic powder. Onions are a must, many times both yellow and red. I have used fresh and I have used canned tomatoes. From one type of bean to as many as four different types. It all simply depends on mood and hunger and the size of the pot. But then the big kid at heart also loves a good home baked desert. Does that count? Of course it does, Big kids eat too.

B) Food mom prepares. My son would say, everything, but if she makes a batch of pancakes he can smell them ten miles away. She does make a wonderful home made soup and her cornbread is heavenly. And that pineapple upside down cake, back off, that’s mine. 

C) Take out. That all kinda tastes the same. There are a couple places that I’ve found have a good salad, but since this is not a promotional blog, I’ll not name names.

 D) Dine in. There is this one restaurant that we went to every chance we got when my husband was alive, and a second he loved but with our financial limitations we did not visit often. The down home meals of the first are always a comfort. A reminder of Grandma’s house and plates filled with food, hot and delicious. Biscuits and apple butter the icing on the cake. The second a heart doctor’s nightmare. Fish and everything else deep fried to perfection and plates overflowing.

II Food for the Mind 

A) Educating oneself on topics to improve knowledge on a career possibly in hopes of advancing. Fine tuning the mind to better understand the various concepts of the job and of what is involved in the positions further up the corporate ladder.

B)Feeding the mind through various means to remain mentally alert and strong.

C)Feeding the mind through higher learning, simply to increase knowledge for knowledge’s sake. Answering that hunger to just know more.

D) Feeding the mind in the desire to be able through knowledge and greater understanding, be able to make a difference for those around us.

But what food? Books, videos, pod casts, in person lectures, documentaries, individuals who are knowledgeable and outstanding in the fields that hold your interest.

III Food for the Spirit

A) Food for the heart. Books of daily inspiration. Movies that all works out in some miraculous way in the end. Videos where people step up and make a difference.

B) Food for compassion. Volunteer at a homeless shelter of  home for those leaving abusive situations. Volunteer  at an animal shelter or with a rescue group. Volunteer at an assisted living facility

C) Food for the soul. Read the Bible. Read books that explain how to grow and better understand various topics that will help you grow in the best of ways.

D) Sing. Old hymns or modern praise. Just sing.

E) Pray.

How do we choose? Favorites of any type can and do change from day to day. I have my favorite summer time or winter time foods. I have preferred methods of growing my mind and yes, the same is true with spiritual growth and food. Just like that chip, its impossible to take just one, but the experimenting to find the favorite of the day is an amazing adventure.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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