Day 308- Footnotes of pranking the dogs, oh, and an election

There are times, when even, normally, highly intelligent dogs, can be so easily played.

When my son came in from work for lunch, he set out to see how long the two dogs would fall for his game. Opening the side door he let them in, I stood at the front door and showed them out. My son then let them in the side door, I showed them out the front. This circle happened several times before Bella caught on and sat down just outside the door. Molly though had hopes that something would change. Finally, after close to a dozen laps, even Molly gave up and stopped just outside the door.

 Promising to stop by the hardware store after work and pick up a couple elements for the hot water heater he left to finish up his day.

I put a load of laundry in the drier and finished tidying up the house as I prepared to head out to the church I attend, which is a polling place. I had promised to help hand out bottles of water, and I wanted to keep that promise.

As I drove, I wondered, how busy it might be. It was election day. I knew that a record number of people had early voted, but I also knew many preferred to wait for THE day. Pulling into the parking area I parked the car the farthest from the building and made my way across the lot. When offered a voter’s guide I smiled and told the gentleman I had already voted. I was there to help hand out water. He smiled behind he mask and thanked me. Yes, you could tell he smiled.

Making my way to where the water was lined up on a table I took a seat beside members of my church family. The youngest volunteer happily greeting everyone who left the building with a card and an offer of a bottle of water. Her energy level one reserved for the young. While she enjoyed and carried out her task perfectly, we sat and chatted. All the while keeping the table filled with available bottles of water. Our church’s pastor greeting everyone who left the building, introducing himself, thanking them for coming and letting them know if they needed anything, call him. 

The day was absolutely gorgeous. I had feared it would be cold-to me- so I had dressed in layers. When I first got there and sat down in the afternoon sun, I worried I was overdressed. For a while, I was a bit warm, but then the sun began to go down and I was thankful for the layers. 

Standing there, not too far from the table, ten feet or so from the exit door, we were able to greet everyone who left.. Offering them a bottle of water and wishing them a good evening. Many were in a hurry to get home after their day, many had other activities yet to attend, some slowed, took the water and spoke a few words. As we observed the foot traffic, it was all manner of individuals who passed by. The individuals, the couples, the families, passed by where we stood. The kids gaining an understanding of the voting process and the privilege and responsibility voting is. As the evening grew darker, one red stripe all that was left of the setting sun, the sky a deep blue going black. The outside lights had come on, giving those crossing the parking lot enough light to see where they were walking safely. The smaller lights on the side of the building guiding the voters around the building to the entrance. The temperature was falling quickly and I was very glad for those layers. 

All the while, the people coming in were steady, but the process inside fine tuned enough that when there was a line, it disappeared quickly. All the while, everyone was friendly, calm, and polite.

 As I write this, the polls here have closed. As I write this, results are coming in and the numbers are showing on the programming. As I write this, I bounce back and forth between trying to keep up with the results and what else is going on around the country. 

Then I see, just up the road from me, reports that there are already signs of civil unrest. Truck drivers are already being warned to avoid the area and given instructions on where to not park.

Please y’all, lets not do this. We are better than this. I would much rather discuss pranking the dogs, than civil unrest in my state. Not just my state, but any state. Have we not destroyed enough this year?  All of the destruction already done, has proven nothing. Rioting has changed nothing. We are not, in any way, better for any of that. 

As I write this, the results are going back and forth. It isn’t over, until its over. Let us not create problems, where they do not exist. Let us not, become less, falling into a form of anarchy instead of civilized. We need to stand strong together, no matter the results.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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