Day302- Footnotes of Progress and Warnings…in the Writer’s Zone

   Yep, it is definitely Autumn. It was raining when I threw the covers back on the bed this morning, and as of this writing at nearing 10p.m. the rain still falls. Zeta, is moving and bringing problems. I’ve listened to the rain falling, as well as dead limbs giving way under the strain and falling to the ground.

I’ve also taken full advantage. In a warm, dry, house, with coffee kept brewing, I grabbed a handful of hard candy and made myself comfortable at my desk. Exiting social media, I entered the writer’s zone.

Scanning what I had already written, changing a word or phrase here or there, I made ready for progressing forward. The topic being one I know well. Working on this, is therapeutic in many ways. It is also a challenge, because it is a subject that is not the easiest to deal with. Not traumatic, but personal. Bearing one’s soul with brutal honesty is not a walk in the park.

 As I write, even with brief interruptions to answer calls from mom, the day passes fairly quickly. I do get a good bit done on the first draft. It has somewhat changed direction in the writing even as the focus remains the same, but that isn’t unusual. Every write, can and often does, take on a life of its own. When I think its going one way, as long as I go with the thought processes and feel, it may totally shift direction to bring out different and better points, if nonfiction. If fiction I’ve had characters come to life before my eyes and tell me step by step, thought by thought what is going on. Often off in a direction I never saw coming. 

So I wrote, enjoying the excitement of something long missing. Real, thought provoking, hope to drag you in and hold you there writing. 

Then my son came in from work and I was forcefully dragged from the zone into the real world. I knew there would be no more focus on writing today. So together we watched the last of the race, we discussed events, we looked at photos of roads called The Snake and The Tail of the Dragon. Then together time done, he wandered off but quickly returned. He was trying to get in touch with a cousin. He had watched the weather report and was now worried about that brand new camper he had purchased. The weather report was warning of potential high winds and he was wanting it moved away from the trees. Finally getting in touch and making plans he asked me to help him get it hooked up so he could move it. Only his car had other plans. Thanks to the all day rain, he couldn’t keep traction. If the car was sliding, there was no way that camper was going to move up the slight hill. So it sits where it sits, and we hope and pray for the best.

Today, I spent more time dragging words out of a neglected talent, bleeding them onto a blank page than I have in a very long while. Later I will read over what was written today. Later I will decide if the words are what I was wanting, attempting to say. Today, I will be happy and excited that not only did I work on the manuscript, but shared some mind ramblings and word bleed in the morning and evening blog posts.

Writing, is addicting. One thing about it though, when you write, you read more. When you read more, you notice more. Noticing more can be very frustrating when you read things that make you want to stare dumbfounded at the page and wonder if no one proof reads what they are writing anymore. Do they really think some of those sentences make sense? Do they pay attention to make sure their description of a photo, agrees with the photo. For example, I read the description on an accident that said the truck overturned. Looking at the photo and the video, it was more than obvious that the truck was not overturned, but had in fact been rear ended. Just a little different.
*She writes deciding it would be a very good idea to proof read this blog before posting. 

Writing, has this incredible way of making things more clear. When you take the time to write it out, thoughts, actions, decisions, are easier to process and act on. 

Writing is also a great stress relief. You can do great harm on the page all in the name of creativity. Those who have made you angry, never need be the wiser.

Today, was a good day. A rainy, quiet, write the world away day. A day in the zone, the writer’s zone. I’ll take it.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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