Day 281 in the strange year of 2020

In the midst of all that went on today, the mundane housework, the helping my son untangle a tow rope (that textile experience coming in handy), watching a wrecked car finally being hauled away and the various conversations, and finally getting to see the International Space Station fly over, I did find time to introspection. In fact, each event played its own part in the process.

Being empathic, having a clean house is important and not only for the physical health benefits. For clutter to be lying about creates an odd imbalance. When space is cleared and everything is in its proper place it is easier to breathe. There is a greater clarity of not only the physical rooms, but of the mind. I’ve read many times, that a highly creative and intelligent person is not always the neatest of people. Their work spaces often cluttered and confusing to others but they know where everything is supposed to be. Personally, I prefer order, even though I don’t always have it, I’m working on becoming more organized. Which helps to create a more organized mindset. Something I am hoping will help my writing be more concise and beneficial for those reading.

When my son came in from work for lunch he went to try and pull the wrecked car out from where it had sat for years. One of his friends had for some reason tied knots in the heavy, nylon rope. In his hurry he was having difficulty getting the knots loose. Having worked in textiles I had untangled many knots in yarn, knots that would have caused others to simply trash it in frustration. I took the rope away from him and since the knots hadn’t been pulled tight, I was able to quickly work all the knots out and hand him the rope. In that moment we both were reminded that a little patience goes a long way. As he found a place on the remains of the car, I cleared away everything I saw that might be in the way. He still wasn’t able to move the car no matter what we tried. He gave up, ate and went to return to work, but before he did he walked over to the car one more time. There was an old wooden pallet half buried in leaves preventing him from moving the car. Sometimes, we simply aren’t meant to do something ourselves. The guy he called showed up not long after he left, he looked at the car, told me what he would give me for it and then after the agreement was made, he hauled the car out and away. Some things, no matter how long they have been a part of your life or your surroundings, you just have to let go.

The conversations, while in process, seemed like every other conversation I’ve had. A discussion of thoughts and ideas. A sharing of information about nearly every topic under the sun and possibly a few created by fertile and over active imaginations. Thinking back though, the conversations help keep me in practice of talking with others. Since I am no longer working and sitting out here in a rural area not seeing a lot of people on a regular basis that is important. As people, we are not meant to spend too much time alone. We need to have others to talk with, to spend time with. Its best if there are those time when you are together, but real conversations over the phone work. The conversations also make you think, to consider what you are saying as to whether it is informational and correct, humorous and appropriate, or any of the many other avenues of thought and processing.

For as long as the ISS has been traveling through space, I can only recall one other time when I was in position to see it and that was with my brother Michael standing in his yard. When my son, James came through the house telling me the ISS would soon be going over I quickly followed him outside. To see anything in the sky from our yard is near impossible due to the abundance of trees. Making our way up the driveway we managed to spot it as it made its way over. We did get an odd look from the neighbor but they weren’t interested in it as much as we were. As I watched I thought, someone dreamed big. Someone thought that it would be possible to put someone in space and have them live there for extended periods of time. Someone was riding inside that station who dreamed big and had high ambitions (pun intended).

Today, was a great day weather wise. Today was not a good day step wise as I got less than four thousand steps accomplished physically. Mentally though, I feel as if I walked across the world and accomplished a great deal. All it took, was stopping to do a little introspection and contemplation over the events of the day. Its amazing how even the simple things, can hold great meaning. And I do believe, that when you stop and realize your own abilities, you can and will put more trust in yourself and accomplish more and greater things. It will also give you a greater understanding of those around you so you know better who you can trust in this journey and adventure called life.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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